Charlene Beida


I wanna travel the world, learn about as much as I can, meet as many people as I can, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the world. Est. 1997 | Azi III
While reading... Eyeem Philippines
Emeeee lol That's Me Drama Enjoying Life Taking Photos My Face Mobile Photography Night Photography Covered Eyeem Philippines EyeEm
Emeeee lol Drama Taking Photos Enjoying Life My Face Covered EyeEm Eyeem Philippines That's Me Mobile Photography Photo
Caramoan Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur Taking Photos Dolphin Refrigerator Magnets Mobile Photography EyeEm Eyeem Philippines
Taking Photos Street Streetphotography Pavement Bench
First Sunday of the Month. Sunday service it is :) Street Car Black And White Photooftheday Sunday Service
Crowd Story Street Scenario Keep It Blurry
Teddybear Random Shot Bear Stuffedtoy
Crushing on bae ❤ Luke Holland Bae  Popgoespunk Paramore Aintitfun Cover Crush
Earlier... Sunrise Sky Skyporn Clouds Cloudporn Newbeginning
Feelin' so amazed with Luke Hollanddddd! While watchin' Pop Goes Punk - Tyler ft. Luke "Ain't It Fun", I keep on tapping the print screen button... and this is one of the results lol Luke Holland Fred Perry Paramore Tyler
Cozyyyyy Starbucks Coffee Starbucks Ambiance
The Boy Next Door lol Bae  Azi Montefalco Jonaxxstorieslover
New beginning... Sunrise Sky Skyporn First Eyeem Photo