Like mike
Me and my Prince Charming haha
6 rich tea lol haha
My most BEAUTIFULIEST wee ray of Sunshine here in COVENTRY ;) meet my glorious wee soon to be house mate MISS Evelyn Hogan ;)
I have two glorious wee friends at uni! And not just that but my house mates! Twice as blessed! Christmas night in and these are my prezzies never been bought superdry in my life ahhhhhh hashtag all the love Going on!! Soo exciting :) feeling blessed :) THANKYOU so much ahh
Well done to my wee buddy Jonny for passing his driving test for the first time woohoo and he is wearing his granny's brooch! :) beautiful wee story! BOOM!
Natalie blesses me with a cupa tea and I bless her with a chair and a blanket! Friendship goes BOTH ways tehe hashtag allthesmallthings
Aww matching jumpers!!! who would of thought my 2002 Harold's bear jumper would come back into fashion! ROCKING the cable knit by Katy McKeown! ;) X
Wee night in with my girls mulled wine! Cheeky wee Thai and Christmas chocolate log, mince pies and a bit of Elf movie hood in there too! sooo relaxing! CHRISTMAS fever is here can't wait to go home xx
Woohoo away to Quinta in wales ;) with Christian Union for the weekend with this chirpy chip! BOOM! Xx
Just a cheeky we decaf latte. I am loving this ;)
This is thee most BEAUTIFULIEST parcel being away from home! I'm so blessed to have u in my life! God is so good! Loved my letter and hot chocs :) and wee cheeky fruit pastilles! THANKS girl! Loved
I love when ur beautiful housemate makes u chocolate pancakes at night! She always knows how to make a day a great one! Hashtag-wifepoints! Boom!
Visiting the shed
Festive coffee boom!