Jordan Perez


Williamsburg is where the heart is and it will always remain
What i draw when i cant sleep and my mind truly wonders
Who is truly the monster in this world
Everyone has a good side but wit me the evil side is always in control
Coney Island shall always show it's true beauty for all to witness
Happy Halloween to all
Two lost souls never to be seen again but the heart bond will stay strong
A true beautiful light to witness
Its always beautiful to see the sun rises to the sky
Food will always be life
Life has it's small beginning's but we all have to grow from it
Well not everyone has a great day in life but just learn to make it better
A true family will stay strong together Live For The Story
Why the world is full of destruction
Beauty come's in all
What wonders beneath the water
To believe what's inside are true city
True beauty of the city
In life if one get's hurt and fall's ... Stand back up and walk through the pain
Life has it's beautiful miracle's
The world is truly a beautiful art form for us to view
We all have does day's but at the time we all learn to relax
Word of advice never steal from animal's
See what a person true face will be but never judge for what is inside us all
Enjoy what come's along life alway's get's better
Life will get better if one take's time to enjoy the little things in it
Truly the world is a wonderful place we must appreciate all that we have in it ... First Eyeem Photo