Hazel Lou Aguilar


Bicolana ☺
Certified tinderaaa. 😹
Jklt. lol 😹🙈✌
Jklt. lol 😹🙈✌
Why so cute? 😵 Baby Nevra 🚼
Oh, how come you think that you're the only one? Baby, I'm just chewing gum until the flavors gone.💙
Certified tinderaaa. 😹
Taray ng buhok. Hahaha Highschooldays .👩
I don't want you. But, I need you. Poor eyes.😌
During the art exhibit. Colours
With Rizzzy and Annnie🙈😹
The smile of feeling-cute haha. 😅✌
Last night was fun. I had a great school year end. 🙌😇
Feeler 😶😂
Accept the craziness. Life will be a bore without it.
I lost my mind long ago, ever since I never mind.
Last night. Belated happy 18th birthday @jenelyn_rodriguez thank you for having me to be part of your celebration. Iloveyou 😘