Jazmyne Miller


Army chick/22yrs/lesbehonest/real chill/love to cruise
Hanging Out
Oh yea
Nuff see
Happy new year!!!!
Happy burfday tinA!!! Laaahv you!!!!!
Chillin with the bro
Me and the lil sis
Das rite
This monkey :)
Awesome night with great vibes
Swollen lip.... Thanks babe
Zumba fundraiser for princess analeia
Lip done
Fooling Around
With the fam bam
Lil sis in da back
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Cruising the west side with the parentals
Hahahaha fahreal doh
Aint Dat Da Truth
Love them
Me and the cuz chillin
Chillin.... #playinaround #funnyace #shades #tattoos #rainyday #bored #lateupload
Playin with the camera
That's Me