Hailey Crosby


♥Sports♥ Status? Single!
Sissy & I ♥
Me & My Lil Sister! Family Sister Loveher
I'm in Love. But he Loves her...
Softball Girl of Madison. Number 12
Party & Adventure
I don't even know. Got bored in Pe!♥ PE PhysicalEducation LockerRoom
Earlier ♥ PE Boredom School
Anna & I at her House :) AnnaMoMo Annafab Sleepover Twopersonparty Awesome
FSU SSTRIDE Trip with Esther! ♥
FSU Field Trip with Hannah!
Before and After Curled Hair. Bailey did it!(: Cute Haircurled Funish Bored
Desirea & I Earlier! ♥ This Crazy Chick Cool Basketball BasketballGirls4Life Bball BasketballGirls BasketBALL
Going Softball Shopping! ♥ Softball SoftballSeason Playball Fastpitch  SoftballLife
Curled My Hair!(: Curling Curled Amazing GoodGameNoles
When you cry, I wipe away All your Tears. When you Scream, I'd fight away all of your Fears. I've held your Hand Through all of these Years!♥ Evanescence MyImmortal Lovethatsong Likeforlikes
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Other Day.... Georgia GeorgiaTrip 2k14 2k14 familytime
Georgia Time With the Fam!♥
Can't wait to Go to Ga! Georgia FamilyTime Family Ready Bored
"Nothings Impossible. The word itself says Im Possible!" Newmakeup Merryxmas
Esther did My Hair!(: Cute ShesAwesome BestieDidMyHair
I Love Half-Days!(: Sister Halfday AlmostChristmas
Hair Straightened for the Dance Tonight!(: <3