Michaela Loesing


Hi! I am a Hobby Photographer from Emden, Germany. I am 38 years old and live with two cats. Welcome!°
Water Sea Beach Low Tide Sunset Wave Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Tide Seascape Horizon Over Water Coastal Feature Coastline Calm Moody Sky Headland Shore Dramatic Sky Coast Surf Ocean
On their way to the south Bird Flying Beach Water Sea Blue Sky Animal Themes Low Tide Flock Of Birds Rushing Wave Tide Horizon Over Water Sea Bird Seagull Spread Wings Migrating Shore Avian
Low Tide Water Northsea Sea Water Backgrounds Sky Close-up Shore Horizon Over Water Scenics Ocean Coast Beach Sand Calm Coastline Tranquil Scene Wave Seascape Idyllic
Juost Juist Salt - Mineral City Salt Basin Sea Beach Water View Into Land Urban Skyline Desert Salt Flat Low Tide Salt Lake Coastline Headland Island Coastal Feature Seascape Calm Tide Coast
Juist Ebbe Flut Low Sea Island Far View Cloudscape Clouds Bird Seagull Scenery Beautiful Beauty In Nature Flamingo Salt - Mineral Water Salt Basin Salt Flat Bird Desert Low Tide Beach Lake Standing Water Nature Reserve Shore Dramatic Landscape Natural Landmark Extreme Terrain Calm
Vapor Trail Aerobatics Airshow Airplane Aerospace Industry Fighter Plane Flying Stunt Air Vehicle Blue
Airplane Sunset Flying Red Commercial Airplane Multi Colored Sky Close-up Sky Only Meteorology Heaven Fluffy Infinity Orange Color Shore Dramatic Sky Cumulus Cloudscape Cumulus Cloud Stratosphere
Couple Lamp Streetlamp Romance Sunset Beach Tree Sunset Beach Silhouette Sky Sky Only Scenics Calm Cloud - Sky Idyllic Overcast Cold Weather
Sun Red Water Sea Sunset Airplane Multi Colored Urban Skyline Sky Horizon Over Water Close-up Shore Vapor Trail Sky Only Wave Meteorology Coast Scenics Calm Seascape Tide
Christmas Decoration Star Shooting Star Christmas Sunny Blue Sky City Sky Cloud - Sky Settlement Sunbeam Historic
Tree Tree Area Branch Forest Silhouette Tree Trunk Pinaceae Sky Treetop Foggy Tree Canopy  Evergreen Tree Long Shadow - Shadow Pine Tree Single Tree Needle - Plant Part Bare Tree Fog WoodLand Coniferous Tree
Tree Silhouette Sky Growing Single Tree Storm Cloud Tree Trunk Sky Only Thunderstorm Plant Bark Bark Woods Treetop
Emden Home Street Ostfriesland Tree Bare Tree Astronomy Silhouette Sunset Sky Tranquil Scene Storm Cloud Scenics Hurricane - Storm Tree Area Branch Idyllic Non-urban Scene Countryside
Lost and found..... He has a new home now Lost Bear Lostandfound Forgotten Toy Sad Childhood Stuffed Toy Teddy Bear Abandoned Stuffed Toy Brick Wall Close-up Architecture Built Structure Toy Animal Bear Wall - Building Feature
Emden Fog Nebel Fernsehturm Emden Cars Parking Cars City Tree Fog Land Vehicle Smog Car Street Snowing Winter Cityscape Rainy Season Rain Wet Weather Foggy
Berries Himbeeren Brombeeren Wild Berries Wild Ff Fruits Tree Branch Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color Green Grassland Young Plant Growing Countryside Leaves Twig Needle Woods Greenery Stem Stalk Soil
Tree Autumn Red Water Pastel Colored Multi Colored Reflection Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Lush - Description Tree Area Atmospheric Mood Treetop Dense Calm Idyllic Tranquil Scene Deciduous Tree Scenics Overcast
Fungus Toadstool High Angle View Field Mushroom Grass Close-up Blooming Fly Agaric Mushroom Fragility Growing Plant Life
Water Astronomy Sunset Tree City Silhouette Gold Colored Mountain Dusk Blue Dramatic Sky Shining Moody Sky Storm Cloud Lightning Sky Only Thunderstorm Cloudscape Romantic Sky Sun Sunbeam
Sunset City Beauty Silhouette Tree Business Finance And Industry Sky Architecture Old Ruin
Astronomy Space Tree Crescent Moon Half Moon Space Exploration Sky Solar Eclipse Moon Surface Moonlight Sky Only Astrology Full Moon Constellation Space And Astronomy Planetary Moon Eclipse
City Tree Sunset Roof Awe House Cityscape Silhouette Sky Architecture Storm Cloud Dramatic Sky Moody Sky Weather Lightning Sky Only Overcast
Tree Apple Tree Elf Elves Doll Porcelain  Night Light Autumn Close-up Butterfly - Insect Puppet Lantana Lantana Camara Tree Trunk Animal Antenna Animal Wing Web
Pebbles Stones Beach Sand Shoe Lost Beach Sand Bird Sea Life Sea Close-up Footwear Pair Seashell Shoelace Slipper  Canvas Shoe Things That Go Together
Colors Cloud - Sky Beauty In Nature Couplesphotography Couple Scenery Cloudscape Clouds Fall Beauty Coast Northsea Water Ocean Sun Romantic Water Sea Sunset Beach Full Length Nautical Vessel Standing Silhouette Sun Men Low Tide Wave Coastline
Sun Clouds Red Orange Colors Cloudscape Scenery Cloud - Sky Beautiful Clouds And Sky Sunlight Beauty In Nature Fall Beauty Sunset Space Full Frame Orange Color Sky Close-up Burning Sky Only
Sunset Sun Beach Coast Northsea Cloud - Sky Sky Beauty In Nature Trees And Sky Beautiful Scenics - Nature Clouds Clouds And Sky Water Sea Sunset Beach Sunlight Red Gold Colored Sun Low Tide Summer Romantic Sky Wave Dramatic Sky Moody Sky Atmospheric Mood Sky Only
Sunset Sun Colors Cloud - Sky Cloudscape Sky Beautiful Beauty In Nature Clouds And Sky Clouds Red Oil Pump Drilling Rig Offshore Platform Water Nautical Vessel Sea Sunset Industry Silhouette Sunlight Container Ship Shipyard Tall Ship Commercial Dock Harbor Ship
Beauty In Nature Sun Water Northsea Colors Cloud - Sky Scenery Beautiful Sunlight Clouds And Sky Scenics - Nature Fall Beauty Oil Pump Water Sea Sunset Beach Nautical Vessel Beauty Silhouette Gold Colored Sun Seascape Tide Horizon Over Water Coast Coastal Feature Wave
Oil Pump Water Sea Sunset Beach Nautical Vessel Beauty Silhouette Gold Colored Sun Sailing Tide Seascape Wave Coast Ship Yachting
Water Nautical Vessel Sea Oil Pump Sunset Beach Sailing Silhouette Sun Reflection Seascape Low Tide Horizon Over Water Fishing Boat Trawler Fishing Industry Wave Coastline Dramatic Sky Jet Boat Ship Coast Ocean Coastal Feature
City Sunset Tree Silhouette Politics And Government Sky Architecture Landscape Settlement Dramatic Sky Sky Only Urban Skyline China Central Television Romantic Sky Atmospheric Mood
Sun Blurry Lake Mirror Tree Sunset Silhouette Sea Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Horizon Over Water Atmospheric Mood Treetop Romantic Sky Moody Sky Sky Only Heaven Tree Area Dramatic Sky
Cloud Computing Sunny Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Cumulus Cloud Heaven Wispy Meteorology Cloudscape Infinity Fluffy Plane Forgiveness Cirrus Stratosphere Fly
Flower Head Flower Pink Color Petal Springtime Sky Close-up Cloud - Sky Orchid Blooming Pollen Plant Life Single Flower Blossom Botany Tropical Flower
Cat Kitten Feline Tree Shadow Sky Architecture Built Structure Netting Fence Paddock Animal Pen Greenhouse
I am still alive! Flower Head Flower Space Zinnia  Petal Pink Color Close-up Plant Coneflower Stamen Pollen Blooming Osteospermum In Bloom Flowering Plant Lily Day Lily
Tree Sunset Silhouette Dramatic Sky Sky Cloud - Sky Romantic Sky Moody Sky Atmospheric Mood Sky Only Shining Sunrise Heaven
City Sunset Tree Silhouette Dramatic Sky Dusk Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Residential Structure Meteorology Heaven Fluffy Stratosphere Romantic Sky Residential District Cloudscape Cumulus Cloud Cumulonimbus Infinity Cumulus Atmospheric Mood
Norddeich/Ostfriesland Juist Sunset Sun Red Colors Clouds Cloudscape Scenery Cloud - Sky Clouds And Sky Beauty In Nature Sunlight Water Sunset Sky Shore Sandy Beach Pebble Beach Wave Sand Driftwood Beach Ocean Calm
Kanal Emden Ostfriesland Cloud - Sky Scenery Houses Autuum Morning Scenics - Nature Tree Water Clear Sky Lake Blue Swimming Paddleboarding Sky Paddling Rowboat Boat Floating On Water Floating
Sun Autuum Sunlight Leaves Fall Red Scenics - Nature Tree Tree Area Branch Leaf Autumn Forest Pinaceae Beauty Sky Tree Canopy  Tree Trunk Treetop Treelined
Light Sun Beam Tree Fall Astronomy Tree Star - Space Galaxy Space Sky
Snow Tree Astronomy Illuminated Backgrounds Sky Snowfall Weather Condition Snowcapped Snow Covered Weather Cold Temperature Winter Covering
Water Tower - Storage Tank Emden Lights Ostfriesland City Politics And Government Illuminated Cold Temperature Winter Snow Tree Fog Wet Weather Rainy Season Rainfall Rain
Emden Ostfriesland Tempel Tree Water Fog Lake Smog Dawn Reflection Sky Landscape Foggy Rainy Season Mist Wet Hazy  Fall Weather Rain Season
Insect Close-up Snail Animal Antenna Shell Slow Crawling Antenna Mollusk Slug Gastropod Invertebrate Animal Shell
Snail Water Wet Close-up Animal Themes Bug Gastropod Mollusk Animal Antenna Slug Crawling Antenna Shell Slow Animal Shell Insect
Cat Tongue Teeth Red Pink Color Abstract Close-up Textured  Abstract Backgrounds
Butterfly Glass Balcony Decoration Candle Eyeglasses  Illuminated Car Lens Flare Close-up Shining Streaming Vision Fairy Lights
Toy Blue Water Swimming Underwater Studio Shot Colored Background Jellyfish Close-up Toy Animal Fishbowl
Snail Close-up Bug Ant Tiny Insect Mollusk Gastropod Animal Antenna Beetle
DIY Basteln Stars Paper Multi Colored Color Swatch Palette Close-up Stained Glass Colorful Various Home Improvement Variety Fairy Lights Rainbow
Sunset Beach Night Sea Sky Sand Sandy Beach Shore Orange Color Horizon Over Water Silhouette Hooded Beach Chair Beach Umbrella Coast Beach Hut Driftwood Galaxy
Statue Emden Jantje Fis Pixelated Portrait Futuristic Beauty Beautiful Woman Human Face Fashion Model Headshot Make-up Stage Make-up Sculpture Sculpted Human Representation Female Likeness
Emden Ostfriesland Delftspucker Statue Portrait Beauty Statue Beautiful Woman Headshot Human Face Futuristic City Arts Culture And Entertainment Close-up Sculpture Male Likeness Sculpted Art Human Representation Pensive Thinking
Rathaus Mirror Water Harbour Museum Water Backgrounds Full Frame Reflection Close-up Surface Boat Sunset Rippled Horizon Over Water Silhouette Waterfront
Mirror Reflection Fireship Water Red Backgrounds Full Frame Multi Colored Close-up Waterfront Boat Nautical Vessel Water Vehicle Side-view Mirror Wake - Water Ferry Port
Emden Ostfriesland Spiegelung Mirroring Rathaus Ba Harbour Politics And Government City Water Clear Sky Cityscape Reflection Sky Architecture Building Exterior Historic Museum Tourboat Water Vehicle Art Museum Destinations Boat
Water Tree Sky Growing Plant Life Stalk Bud Stem Growth Young Plant Leaf Vein Ivy Moss Toadstool
Wall Vines Backgrounds Full Frame Fishing Net Close-up Plant Green Color Thick Worn Out Closed Door
Tree Bunker Life Finding A Way Growths UnderSea High Angle View Sand Close-up Tree Trunk Branch
Bunker Sky Architecture Close-up Built Structure Bad Condition Weathered Ruined Abandoned Broken Old Ruin Obsolete Civilization Decline Run-down Building Worn Out Damaged
Tree Branch Tree Trunk Sculpture Statue Sunlight Blue Sky Close-up Bare Tree Lone Dried Plant Single Tree Treetop Rough Rugged Bark Treelined
Tree Trunk Weird Tree Hole Nature Close-up Grass Manhole  Treelined Growing Tree Trunk Greenery Plant Bark Branch Woods
Vapor Trail Aerobatics Airshow Airplane Flying Clear Sky Air Vehicle Mid-air Aerospace Industry Blue Fighter Plane Light Trail Military Airplane Rushing
Clear Sky Parallel Railroad Track Cable Rail Transportation Public Transportation Electricity Pylon Sky Railroad Tie Gravel Railway Track Diminishing Perspective Electric Pole Electricity Tower Railway Signal Track Train Track Railway Station Empty Road Train Railway Station Platform Railroad Station Platform Power Supply Straight vanishing point
Tree Dead Tree Brick Wall Bricks In The Wall Painted Image Shadow Time Backgrounds Paint Textured  Ink Sunlight Full Frame Focus On Shadow Long Shadow - Shadow Paved Tree Trunk Branch Treetop Treelined Bark Fallen Tree
High Angle View Forest Close-up Green Color Plant Growing Countryside Grassland Moss Green Greenery Field Mushroom Farm Animal Toadstool Fungus Country House
Crows Crow Nest Horst Black Bird Tree Bird Branch Leaf Sky Bird Of Prey Bald Eagle Beak Vulture Wilderness Perching
Nest Horst Crows Amsel Tree Branch Bird Silhouette Sky Animal Themes Vulture Bird Of Prey Twig Growing Falcon - Bird Hawk Eagle Hawk - Bird Leaf Vein Plant Life
Nest Horst Crow Amsel Black Bird Tree Branch Bare Tree Silhouette Sky Bird Of Prey Vulture Spread Wings Bird Beak Hawk - Bird Dead Plant Eagle - Bird Perching
Crow Amsel Bird Tree Perching Branch Bird Of Prey Bare Tree Raven - Bird Silhouette Wilderness Leaf Living Organism Eagle - Bird Spread Wings Hawk - Bird Flight Falcon - Bird Seagull Beak Black-headed Gull Flapping Songbird
Bird Tree Bird Of Prey Perching Branch Full Length Bare Tree Silhouette Animal Themes Sky Raven - Bird Songbird  Sparrow Crow Cardinal - Bird Blackbird Dead Plant
Tree Bird Branch Bare Tree Silhouette Sky Animal Themes Bird Of Prey Hawk - Bird Raven - Bird Spread Wings Crow Songbird  Hawk Beak Vulture Eagle Perching
Ente Erpel Bird Water Beak Close-up Water Bird Young Bird Duck Chick Muscovy Duck Mallard Duck Mandarin Duck Duckling Budgerigar
Duck Female Duck Ente Brown Bird Beak Close-up Young Bird Nest Bird Nest Animal Nest HEAD Animal Eye Water Bird Goose Robin Duckling Mug Shot Gosling
Green Erpel Ente Duck Bird Peacock Beak Water Feather  Peacock Feather Close-up Animal Body Part HEAD Animal Eye Cockatoo Animal Head  Eye Snout Parakeet Mug Shot
Illuminated Stoplight Street Light Red Light Land Vehicle Lighting Equipment Sky Railway Signal Traffic Signal Locomotive Steam Train Train - Vehicle Road Signal Rail Transportation Stop Sign Fire Engine Street Scene Green Light Shunting Yard Freight Train
Night Fog Light Tree Branch Full Frame Backgrounds Sky Close-up Tree Trunk Woods Twig Growing Plant Life WoodLand Fallen Tree Forest Plant Bark
Night Bridge Railing Tree Branch Forest Forest Fire Wilderness Area Tree Trunk Sunlight WoodLand Pinaceae Pine Tree Tranquil Scene Pine Woodland Foggy Calm Bare Tree Idyllic Scenics Eastern Europe Growing Tranquility
Night Water Tower - Storage Tank City Illuminated Politics And Government Clock Face Car Cityscape Architecture Building Exterior Sky Parking Street Light Parking Lot Motor Scooter Parking Sign Parking Garage Vehicle City Street High Street Stationary Gas Light
Clouds And Sky Moon Night Beauty In Nature Cloudscape Cloud - Sky Scenery Beautiful Dark Night Astronomy Moon Backgrounds Sky Close-up Outline Sky Only Calm Moon Surface Planetary Moon Meteorology Blooming Idyllic Scenics Silhouette Tranquility Infinity
Bird Water Tree Perching Feather  Close-up Plant Dove - Bird Pigeon Flock Of Birds Flapping Spread Wings Animal Wing Mute Swan Birdcage Avian Hummingbird Symbols Of Peace Mourning Dove
Bird Mourning Dove Perching Water Close-up Plant Dove - Bird Feather  Preening Symbols Of Peace Fanned Out Pigeon Young Bird Peace Sign  Peacock
Bleb Pets Feline Domestic Cat Field Grass Green Color Cat At Home Tabby Stray Animal Domestic Animals Pet Bed Ginger Cat Yellow Eyes Whisker Kitten Home Flower Head Plant Life
Pets Feline Domestic Cat Portrait Grass Close-up Green Color Cat Stray Animal Blooming At Home Home Whisker Yellow Eyes Tabby
:P Bleb Pets Portrait Feline Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Whisker Collar Close-up Tabby Cat Snout Tabby Animal Face Pampered Pets Adult Animal At Home HEAD Ear Animal Nose Teeth Green Eyes
Pets Protruding Yawning Domestic Cat Feline Mouth Open Close-up Animal Tongue Animal Mouth Snout Licking Animal Face Adult Animal Animal Head  Pampered Pets Whisker Animal Eye Animal Teeth Teeth Animal Nose Sticking Out Tongue Animal Hair Stray Animal Animal Body Part Panting
Astronomy Space Moon Backgrounds Sky Only Satellite View Sky Cloud - Sky Crescent Meteorology Heaven Stratosphere Fluffy Cloudscape Eclipse Wispy Cirrus
Emden Ostfriesland Tree Astronomy Sunset Tree Area Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Dramatic Sky Moody Sky Storm Cloud Cumulonimbus Lightning Cloudscape Atmospheric Mood
Reptile Close-up Animal Themes Blooming Moss Lichen Stream Tree Stump Toadstool Fallen Tree Plant Bark Fungus Bark Growing Plant Life
Flower Flower Head Red Close-up Plant Green Color Sepal Bud Plant Pod Single Rose Flowering Plant Stem In Bloom Plant Life New Life Poppy Botany Botanical Garden
Pets Feline Domestic Cat Portrait High Angle View Whisker Cat Close-up Kitten Tabby Tabby Cat Young Animal At Home Pet Bed Sleeping Stray Animal Foal Infant Carnivora Sheet
Flower Flower Head Tree Insect Purple Bee Leaf Animal Themes Close-up Plant Pollination Lavender Butterfly - Insect Animal Antenna Symbiotic Relationship Bumblebee Lavender Colored Honey Bee Buzzing Botanical Garden Animal Wing Pollen Animal Markings
Flower Pollination Bee Flower Head Insect Hanging Purple Close-up Plant Buzzing Botany In Bloom Honey Bee Bumblebee Stamen Blooming Blossom Pollen Petal Apple Blossom Wisteria Lavender Plant Life Lavender Colored Symbiotic Relationship
Medical Cannabis Marijuana - Herbal Cannabis Vegetable Social Issues Alternative Medicine Herbal Medicine Close-up Broccoli Cabbage Turnip Brussels Sprout Beet Kale Leaf Vegetable Plant Life Growing Cauliflower Leek
Road Gastropod Snail Close-up Animal Themes Slug Slippery Mollusk Slow Animal Antenna Animal Shell Slimy Crawling Antenna Shell
Gastropod Snail Close-up Animal Themes Mollusk Slow Slimy Crawling Colliding Antenna Invertebrate Mussel Animal Shell Shell Slug Spiral Seashell Animal Antenna Leaking
Dumpling  Market Basket Close-up Food And Drink Raw Food Garlic Bulb Garlic Clove Garlic Plant Bulb Ingredient Clove Farmer Market Dried Food Market Stall