holla !!


its all about khairul anuar yusri . this man stole my heart . He's my man and i hope he's gonna be my imam one day ......
close your eyes and you would feel me in your soul deep in your heart. i miss you . i love you . take care. may Allah bless you and give you the happiness that i couldnt give to you ...
take a break while studying biochemistry . lets watch runningman!! ohjyeahhhhhhhhhh ★☆★☆★
i love you. good night love.
have a nice day !
love is all about you and him. the man which you feel comfort with. the man which you feel happy with. the man you feel safe in his arm.
selamat malam cinta .
the first i saw you. the first im fallen into you .
i really dont have to show you how much i love you.