Hakan Yıldırım


Hakan Yıldırım
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View of rocks against clear sky
Statue against clear sky
Close-up of old sculpture against wall
Old ruins against built structure
Bench in park
View of old ruins against sky
Old ruins of temple
Low angle view of electricity pylon against blue sky
Exterior of building by trees against sky
Footpath amidst buildings against sky
Gazebo by lake against building
High angle view of rope tied up on tree trunk
Close-up of boy in cage
High angle view of telephone booth
Low angle view of palm tree by building at night
Close-up of moss on branch against blurred background
Close-up of potted plant on wooden table
High angle view of flowering plants on field
Silhouette woman standing against white background
Illuminated street amidst buildings in city at night
Close-up of plant on field
Empty bench in park during autumn
Portrait of young man drinking glass against white background
Empty bench in park
Gazebo amidst trees and building against sky
Car on street against buildings in city
Abandoned cart in field
Close-up of bicycle on road
High angle view of empty chair on road