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"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." Marcus Aurelius
The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Pattern Pieces
The Tourist
Guevorkaivazian Artist ArtWork Painting Watercolor Paysage Campagne Colors Time Life Silence Art, Drawing, Creativity Illustration visit
Homemade Vegan Vegetarian Food Foodphotography Etcjournal Asianfood Nems Foodporn Healthy Food Healthy Eating Healthy
Pattern Pieces
Pattern Pieces
Pattern Pieces
Pattern Pieces
Pattern Pieces Château De Versailles  Minimalism Photographyart Guevorkaivazian Constructivism
Minimal Minimalistic Minimalobsession Minimalism Minimalist Minimal_perfection Nature_collection Nature Photography ArtWork Portrait Leaf Autumn Leaves Etcjournal
Paris Photography Lifestyle Notre-Dame Paris ❤ Sky And Clouds Rose🌹 Love Romantic Paris, France
Blackandwhite Minimal Lines&Design Nature_collection Guevorkaivazian Photography Artphoto_bw Enjoying Life
Guevorkaivazian Blackandwhite Nature_collection
Cactus Etcjournal Macro Photography Nature Minimalism Minimal Easy Life Style Enjoying Life Lifestyle Happiness Lines&Design ArtWork Guevorkaivazian
Hello Cactus Macro Photography Etcjournal
Blackandwhite Drawing Sketch Legend
Tired Sleeping Man Portrait Blackandwhite Black & White Black&white Perspective
Grand voyage. Departure Train Road Goodbye Melancholic Landscapes
Artphotography Photography Wintertime Winter Silhouette Nature Birds Blackandwhite ArtWork Guevorkaivazian Love Couple Trees Tree
35mm Film Photography Artphotography Paris ❤ Paris, France  Paris Autumn Colors Perspectives
Light And Shadow Portrait Blackandwhite Artphotography Photography Celebrity
Construction Composition Geometry Geometric Shapes Lines&Design Interior Design Light And Shadow Making Movies
EyeEm Nature Lover Autumn Colors Autumn Nature Trees Paris Jardin Du Luxembourg
The Changing City Paris, France
Enjoying Life Loveroom From My Point Of View Door Open Your Eyes Composition Geometry Perspectives Space Interior Design
Light And Shadow Streetphotography Nightphotography Scary Tunnel Life Shadows Walking Fine Art Photography
Paris Composition Trees City Sky Evening Enjoying Life EyeEm Nature Lover
Visite Geometry Drawing Draw Illustration Guevorkaivazian Lines ArtWork Creativity Art, Drawing, Creativity
Fine Art Photography Light And Shadow Clouds Black & White Nature Nature Black&white Trees Winter Trees
Blackandwhite Light And Shadow Fine Art Photography Streetphoto_bw Streetphotography
Blackandwhite Sintra Clouds Castel Fine Art Photography l Light And Shadow
Blackandwhite Alone Lonely Looking For Trouble Sea From My Point Of View Love NOthIng
Silhouette Paris Blackandwhite
New York in Paris People Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite Ile Saint Louis Streetphotography Light And Shadow Street Fashion
Blackandwhite Rome Poetry Duality Nostalgia Streetphoto_bw People Old Architecture Beautiful Women
Learn & Shoot: Single Light Source Black & White Light And Shadow Portrait Blackandwhite
Learn & Shoot: Single Light Source Light And Shadow
Deceptively Simple Notre Dame De Paris Paris Architecture Blackandwhite Built Structure Historical Building From My Point Of View Black & White Contrast
Deceptively Simple Blackandwhite Urban Escape Cycling Composition Light And Shadow
Clouds And Sky Clouds Rose♥ Escaping Urban Escape Urban Geometry Urban Landscape City
Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite Light And Shadow Vintage Style Photography Monochrome Old Poetry
It's Me Blackandwhite Vintage Silhouette Light And Shadow Fineart_photobw Monochrome Original Photography Style
Vintage Old Blackandwhite Fineart_photobw Hand Poetry
Blackandwhite Composition Everyday Joy Love
Blackandwhite Monochrome Black And White Black & White Fineart_photobw Lonely Light And Shadow Paris
" men's Blue night "(2015) Men Blue Nightphotography Blackandwhite Reflection Bynight Monochrome Couple Night Lights
Sunset in Paris ❤
Cat Animal Animals Blackandwhite Light And Shadow Monochrome
Blackandwhite Monochrome Eyes Light And Shadow Reflection
Light And Shadow Blackandwhite Fineart_photobw Trees
Light And Shadow TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Fineart_photobw Minimalism Blackandwhite
The Human Condition
RePicture Ageing Hope TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Melancholy
Blackandwhite Open Edit The Places I've Been Today TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) loreto, Italy
OpenEdit The Places I've Been Today Blackandwhite Ontheroad
Ponte Vecchio - Firenze The Places I've Been Today Water Reflections Bridge
Blackandwhite The Places I've Been Today Ontheroad Trip in Italy
Blackandwhite The Places I've Been Today Florence TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography)
Blackandwhite Black & White Paris Streetphoto_bw
Blackandwhite From My Window View Streetphotography
Sunset Original EyeEm Best Shots TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography)
Blackandwhite Composition Abstract
Self Portrait Blackandwhite Portrait Eyes
Stevejobs Trees Portrait
Macro Autumn Working Animals
Art Streetphotography From My Window EyeEm Best Shots
ArtWork Monochrome Blackandwhite Cat
Blackandwhite Abstract Cat Black & White
Monochrome Blackandwhite Cat EyeEm Best Shots
From My Window Window Night Nightlife
Symmetrical Black & White Blac&white
Morning Rituals Breakfast Lunch EyeEm Best Shots
Blackandwhite Portrait Bar
Supernormal Dog
Supernormal Berlin
Supernormal Dog
Supernormal Sunshine !
Clouds And Sky Blackandwhite Moon Guevori
EyeEm Best Shots "Eva, je t'aime! (24 juillet 2014, à lire dans le carnet ) Black & White Blackandwhite Guevori
Bycicle Bicycle Black And White Black & White
EyeEm Best Shots Black & White Black And White Street
Black & White Portrait Self Portrait EyeEm Best Shots
Clouds Clouds And Sky City Sunset
Clouds And Sky
Nantes Paysage Memories River
From My Windowow Blac&white  Blackandwhite City