Günther Gaßler

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Happy New Year Hello World Time Love Austria ❤ Sony Ggaßler Tirol  Photography Zeisslens Passion Happy New Year 2017 2018 Cold Temperature Snow Winter Day Outdoors No People Nature
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Tyrol Love Ggaßler Zeisslens Sony Photography Time Austria ❤ Hello World Tirol  Point Of View Winter Cold Temperature No People Mountain Landscape Tree Ski Lift Sky Day Outdoors Nature
Hello World Time Ggaßler Austria ❤ Sony Love Photography Zeisslens Lake Snow Winter Forest Pinaceae Cold Temperature Landscape Tree Frozen Reflection Mountain Outdoors Sky
X-MAS Austria ❤ Hello World Love Time Sony Ggaßler Tirol  Hanging Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Decoration Decoration Christmas Celebration Close-up
Merry X-Mas Hello World Time Love Candle Flame Burning Heat - Temperature Celebration Glowing Christmas Advent Indoors  Tradition Red Close-up Christmas Decoration
Beautiful flower Flower Photooftheday Nature Ggaßler Sony Zeiss Sigma Flower Fragility Petal Freshness Beauty In Nature Plant Flower Head Close-up
Mountain View Hello World Love Ggaßler Tirol  Photooftheday Austria Home Church Mountain Range Snowcapped Mountain Beauty In Nature
Railroad Track The Way Forward Night Outdoors Sky Landscape Hello World Sony Zeiss Front View Looking At Camera Picoftheday
EyeEmNewHere Cloud - Sky Mountain Landscape Outdoors Nature Beauty In Nature Sky Day Sunset Love Hello World Austria Zeiss Sony Brechten
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