Gerardo Maldonado


That's Me Hello World Hi! Taking Photos
Hi! That's Me Hello World
Minha pequena Doris Day!!! Amiguinha inseparável!!! Hi! Enjoying Life Cute Pets
That's Me Hi!
Relaxing Enjoying Life Enjoying The Sun
Relaxing Enjoying Life That's Me Hi!
That's Me
Dinner Food Relaxing
Relaxing Escaping Blackandwhite
Boa noite. Relaxing Escaping
Relaxing Hi!
Relaxing Cute Pets Dog Sleeping  That's Me
Black Sabbath=happines. Relaxing Taking Photos Check This Out
Relaxing Cute Pets Dog me and Zelda!!!
Taking Photos That's Me
Relaxing Dog Cute Pets Dog Sleeping  Lisa esbanjando sensualidade! :)
With another effect... another perspective!
Hi! That's Me
Check This Out Cute♡ Dog Dog Sleeping  My little friend Lisa!
Dog Sleeping  Dog Cute Pets Cute♡
That's Me
Blackandwhitee Hello World That's Me
Relaxing That's Me
That's Me
Relaxing Enjoying The Sun That's Me
That's Me
That's Me
Walking Around
Sensacional! Check This Out
That's Me
Walking Around
That's Me
Zelda aos 5 meses.
That's Me
That's Me
4 years ago... That's Me
Belo Horizonte! My homeland!
My tattoed legs. Relaxing
My house, office and life! Drumming, with my new baby girl, Zelda!