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Trying to make my friends and family supermodels. Sony A7ii
Autumn Motion Motion Blur Long Exposure Railroad Track Rail Transportation Built Structure vanishing point Diminishing Perspective Railroad Tie Railway Bridge Railroad Bridge Public Transportation Train - Vehicle Empty Road
Autumn Leaves Autumn Portrait Of A Woman Women Leaves Portrait Beautiful Woman Headshot Young Women Beauty Futuristic Human Face Fashion Close-up Ceremonial Make-up Stage Make-up Make-up Body Paint Human Lips Eye Make-up Blank Expression Fashion Model Face Paint Autumn Mood
Still fresh. Make-up Nature Covered Covered In Leaves Autumn Autumn Leaves Women Men Eyes Closed  Togetherness Portrait Couple Doll Backgrounds Full Frame Human Representation Female Likeness Close-up Male Likeness Mannequin Sculpture 14923864 Autumn Mood
She wanted classic sensual posture. My fav of all times😩 Nature Portrait Of A Woman Women Colors Colours Eyes Closed  Tree Young Women Warm Clothing Portrait Forest Beauty Leaf Autumn Autumn Collection WoodLand Lush Foliage Dense Woods Tree Trunk
The battle. Portrait Of A Woman Young Women Leaves Colors Colours Colorful Tree Warm Clothing Beautiful Woman Portrait Young Women Beauty Beautiful People Women Females Autumn Natural Beauty Tree Trunk Non-urban Scene Woods WoodLand Branch Tranquil Scene Autumn Collection Wavy Hair Fallen Tree This Is Strength Autumn Mood A New Perspective On Life
Tsunami. Bird Water Swimming Lake Duck Close-up Water Bird
Don't have the guts? Imagine that you have. Rainbow Circle Hands Hands Raised One Person Blue Basketball Basketball - Sport Basketball Hoop Sky Dreamcatcher Flying Mid-air Flight Spread Wings This Is Strength 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude A New Perspective On Life
Low Section One Person One Man Only Men Woodpile Stack Lumber Industry Forestry Industry Tree Ring Knotted Wood Log Pile
Autumn in the park. Nature Park High Angle View Tree Autumn Sky Architecture Building Exterior Settlement Urban Scene
Getting in shape. Hanging Looking At Camera Exercising Men One Person One Man Only Tree Full Length Sport Standing Grass
Leaves Backgrounds Hand Hands Pair Green Human Hand Leaf Close-up Human Arm Limb Arms Raised Hand Raised Arms Outstretched Human Limb Finger
Human Hand Tree Forest Autumn Leaf Defocused Red Hand Close-up Plant Autumn Collection Palm Leaves Autumn Mood
Talk with the trees, they really listen. Autumn Fall One Person People Illusion Tree Water Standing Full Length Men Lake Shore Leaves Autumn Collection This Is Strength Autumn Mood 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude A New Perspective On Life
Home. Nature Autumn Autumn Leaves One Person One Man Only Fall Tree Full Length Standing Men Rear View Tree Trunk Woods Growing Forest Pathway This Is Strength
Angry gifts. Couple Looking At Camera Portrait Friendship Smiling Togetherness Men Happiness Bonding Women Sticking Out Tongue Human Tongue Making A Face Funny Stage Make-up Winking Family Bonds
Portrait Women Young Women Purple Tangled Hair Hair Hairstyle Haircolor Make-up Futuristic Looking At Camera Beautiful Woman Headshot Beauty Studio Shot Blue Eyeshadow Eye Make-up Ceremonial Make-up Stage Make-up Beauty Product Human Lips Complexion Lipstick
Still some summer left. Nature Women Fall Portrait Of A Woman Autumn Leaves Young Women Portrait Beauty Headshot Beautiful Woman Autumn Cold Temperature Close-up Thoughtful Face Paint Woods Stage Make-up Make-up Leaves Ceremonial Make-up Autumn Mood
The pair. Young Women Eyelash Friendship Portrait Beauty Fashion Model Women Togetherness Men Stage Make-up Ceremonial Make-up Body Paint Eye Make-up Make-up Eyeshadow Couple Groom Halloween
Nature Women Autumn Leaves Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Looking At Camera Autumn Beautiful Woman Long Hair Close-up Witch Posing Woods Demon - Fictional Character Paranormal Vampire Zombie Monster - Fictional Character Ghost Evil Halloween Fairy Doll
Smiling cat. Illusion Juxtaposition Superposition Cat Cat Drawing Portrait Smiling Happiness Women Looking At Camera Cheerful Headshot Forest Autumn Young Women Anthropomorphic Smiley Face Anthropomorphic Face Formal Portrait Posing Autumn Mood 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude A New Perspective On Life
Green Green Color Looking At Camera Portrait Of A Woman Women Portrait Beauty Beautiful Woman Close-up Tangled Hair Ceremonial Make-up Stage Make-up Eye Make-up Eyeshadow Fashion Model Haute Couture Make-up Frizzy Hair Toss Lipstick
Colors Colorful Colours Numbers Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Multi Colored Low Section Shoe Standing Close-up Hopscotch Number Directly Above Personal Perspective Unknown Gender Footwear Human Leg Human Feet
Looking At Camera Women Scarf Hiding Interior Sitting On The Floor Green Green Color Shy Peeking
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Women Drape Covered Transparent Eyes Closed  Pixelated Cyberspace Studio Shot Data Human Face Futuristic Close-up Dissolving Netting Gray Background Natural Beauty Fanned Out Autumn Mood 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude
Food And Drink Close-up Food And Drink Deep Fried  Fast Food French Fries French Fries Hamburger Burger CheeseBurger Fried Food Fast Food Fried Pub Food Fried Potato Comfort Food Cutting Board
Women Portrait Of A Woman Leaf Blue Eyes Looking At Camera Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Human Lips Human Face Headshot Beautiful People Close-up Red Lipstick Eyelash Vision Iris Make-up Eyeshadow Eye Make-up Iris - Eye Eyeliner Mascara Eyesight Lipstick
Portrait Of A Woman Colors Colours Indoor Plants Leaf Eyes Closed  Leaves Fall Red Young Women Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Women Females Beautiful People Blond Hair Glamour Headshot Stage Make-up Ceremonial Make-up Red Lipstick Make-up Eye Make-up Autumn Mood The Modern Professional
Reflection Young Women Headshot Close-up Side-view Mirror
This is supposed to be an autumn sunflower field, seen too late on the train window. Motion Motion Blur Blur Abstract Landscape Rural Scene Yellow Agriculture Backgrounds Field Weather Sky Oilseed Rape Cultivated Land Farm Cultivated Plantation Agricultural Field Farmland Crop
Nature Landscape Sunset Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Countryside Romantic Sky
Looking At Camera Eyeglasses  Curtain Men Headshot Portrait Close-up Introspection Thoughtful Thinking Contemplation Head In Hands Iris - Eye
Black Background Portrait Human Face Curtain Individuality Chiaroscuro  Thoughtful Introspection Thinking Caucasian Head And Shoulders Day Dreaming
Black Background Eyeglasses  Portrait Headshot Human Face Curtain Close-up Chiaroscuro  Thoughtful Thinking Caucasian Introspection Glasses Drapes
Train companion. Eyeglasses  Black Background Portrait Curtain Looking At Camera Human Face Serious Close-up
Train companion. Curtain Eyeglasses  Dark Close-up Chiaroscuro  Caucasian Thinking Head And Shoulders
Locomotive Red Railroad Track Train - Vehicle Public Transportation Rail Transportation Commuter Train City Sky Railroad Car Passenger Train Railroad Station Platform Railroad Station Railroad Platform Train Platform
Train speed: 90 km/h. Trailer speed: aprox 100 km/h. Camera speed 1/13. Max zoom 200mm. Conclusion: I was really bored. Vehicle Heavy Vehicle Motion Motion Blur Truck TIR Transportation Mountain Rural Scene Yellow Landscape Vehicle Trailer Commercial Land Vehicle Van - Vehicle
Public Transportation Commuter Listening To Music Headphones Real People Rear View Headshot Men Close-up Wearing Using Head And Shoulders
Industrial autumn. Motion Motion Blur Autumn Fall Industrial Industry Industrial Landscapes Transportation City Tree Urban Skyline Headwear Oil Pump Sky Cooling Tower Chimney Emitting Tall - High Tower
Industrial autumn. Motion Motion Blur Industrial Fall Autumn Autumn Leaves Leaves Colors Colours No People Non-urban Scene Factory Industry Oil Industry Petrochemical Plant Power Station Fuel And Power Generation Oil Refinery Smog Metal Industry Cooling Tower Chimney
White Women Glass Glass Of Wine White Background Beauty Spa Water Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Body Care Pampering Hygiene Headshot Bubble Bath Domestic Bathroom Spa Bathtub Taking A Bath Beauty Treatment Spa Treatment Bubble Bathing Bathroom This Is Strength 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude A New Perspective On Life
Jewellery Halloween Spider Fashion Design Close-up Jewelry Pendant Necklace Art And Craft Handmade
Green Cactus Human Hand Tree White Background Studio Shot Planting Bonsai Tree Herb Close-up Plant Green Color Houseplant Flower Pot Potted Plant Pot Succulent Plant Needle - Plant Part
Cactus Indoor Plants Drapes  Transparent Green White Background Close-up Plant Life Botany Growing
Number Numbers Tummy Big Tummy A New Perspective On Life
Calculate this person's self-esteem. Women Legs Leaves Leaf Portrait Of A Woman Beauty Close-up Plant Plant Life Potted Plant Succulent Plant Flower Pot Houseplant Botany Growing This Is Strength A New Perspective On Life
Wild Rose Wild Rose Fruit Red Fruits Looking At Camera Portrait Of A Woman Mountain Ash Mountain Ash Tree Women Focus On Background Tree Flower Beauty Young Women Branch Portrait Red Fairy Beautiful Woman Autumn
Colors Colours Focus On Background Leaf Autumn Leaves Leaves Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Headshot Looking At Camera Young Women Beauty Close-up Red Lipstick Eye Make-up Eyeshadow Lipstick Make-up
Women Focus On Background Leaf Leaves Blue Eyes Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Looking At Camera Young Women Close-up Human Eye Blank Expression Iris Vision Eye Eyesight Eye Color Iris - Eye
Autumn Flowers Curtain Drapes  Window Window Frame Contre-jour Symmetry Symmetrical Vase Of Flowers Flower Flower Head Vase Plant Flower Arrangement Bunch Of Flowers Bouquet Blooming Window Sill
Pattern Sheets Low Section Human Leg High Angle View barefoot Human Foot Limb Close-up Human Feet Personal Perspective Feet This Is Strength
Is still warm🤤 Pajamas Brownie Cake Food Plate Sweet Food Directly Above Close-up Prepared Food Served Dessert Temptation Slice Of Cake Indulgence Chocolate Chocolate Cake
Happening now. Mom told me to leave kitchen. As usual. Shoot and run. Preparing Pizza Food High Angle View Kitchen Kitchen Counter Preparing Food Pizza Hands Hands At Work One Person Human Hand Olive Bread Preparation  Bowl Food And Drink Pita Bread Dough Rolling Pin Rolling Baking Bread Flour
Rocking Horse Decoration Horse Toy Drapes  No People White Window Window Sill Christmas Decoration Christmas Curtain Celebration Christmas Ornament Window Home Interior White Color
Wood Vase Yellow No People Interior Home Interior Wood - Material Frame Hardwood Wood Laminate Flooring Autumn Mood
Portrait Of A Woman Women Portrait Young Women Beautiful Woman Sitting Looking At Camera Close-up Natural Beauty Eastern European Culture Blue Eyes Iris - Eye Pretty Eye Color
Leaves Low Angle View One Person One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Growth Green Color Tree Palm Tree Young Women Headshot Women Greenhouse Leaf Frond Palm Leaf Growing Date Palm Tree Plant Life
Bow Tie Midsection Dessert Food Focus On Foreground One Person One Woman Only Women Hand Hands Holding Close-up Food And Drink Gelatin Dessert Mousse Prepared Food Pomegranate Seed Sweet Food
Best friends. Portrait Side View One Person One Woman Only Portrait Of A Woman Reflection Mirror Mirror Reflection Friendship Young Women Blond Hair Togetherness Headshot Women Couple - Relationship Bonding Love Falling In Love Couple Symmetry
Low Angle View Chair Light Light And Shadow Indoors  Flower Multi Colored Close-up Vase Bunch Of Flowers Floral Pattern Cushion Home Showcase Interior Fabric Couch Bouquet Blooming
Mom always complains that I don't take enough flower and decorations pics for her to use on her fb account. Here is me washing this sin. Autumn Autumn Flowers Light And Shadow Light Flower Head Flower Multi Colored Close-up Bunch Of Flowers Flower Arrangement Daisy In Bloom Flowering Plant Bouquet Plant Life Blooming Petal Vase
Park Park - Man Made Space Trees Tree Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Women Sunlight Front View Caucasian Attractive Garden Botanical
Home for Halloween. Pajamas Home Homewear Feet Legs Light And Shadow Light Light Trail High Angle View One Person Low Section Standing Human Leg Shoe Personal Perspective Hardwood Floor Close-up Foot Leg Pair Things That Go Together Footwear Slipper  Flip-flop Wooden Floor Human Foot
Decoration Decorations Halloween Pumpkins Halloween Decorations Halloween Pumpkin Anthropomorphic Face Arts Culture And Entertainment Childhood Figurine  Table Model - Object Close-up Jack O' Lantern Trick Or Treat Human Representation Sculpture
Halloween Halloween Decorations Decoration Decorations Stuffed Toy Doll Red Black Background Cute Childhood Toy Figurine  Pumpkin Trick Or Treat
Halloween Decorations Decoration Candy Dessert Pumpkin Jar Dried Fruit Halloween Sweet Food Close-up Mason Jar Cookie
Decoration Pumpkin Pumpkins Window Frame Window Curtain No People Autumn Autumn Decoration Home Interior Fall Change Leaves Season  Window Sill Drapes  Autumn Mood
Front View One Person Women One Woman Only Cactus Cactus Pot Low Section Human Leg Shoe Close-up Leg Boot Footwear Bag Pair
Light And Shadow Shadow Geometry Cake Slices Food Sweet Food Arrangement Plate Dessert Cheese Cake Cheesecake♥ Black Background Red Drop Close-up Splattered Stained Slice Of Cake Fruitcake Cheesecake Capture Tomorrow
And they trusted me with a nice romantic couple pic. Focus On Foreground People Couple Couple - Relationship Mature Couple Senior Couple Tree Branch Fruit Red Close-up Plant Rose Hip Wild Rose Berry Fruit Fruit Tree Twig
What! I was bored. Skirt Human Hand Women Textile Human Back Fashion Close-up Low Section Human Leg Personal Perspective Legs Crossed At Ankle Sock Floral Pattern Wearing
I ll be back. Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Looking At Camera One Person One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Tree Beautiful Woman Beauty Headshot Women Red Beautiful People Red Lipstick Natural Beauty Lipstick Human Lips Eye Make-up Make-up Autumn Mood
Pumpkin Pumpkins Orange Color Orange No People Arrangement Decoration Abundance Pattern Fruit High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink For Sale Display Stall Various Market Shop
Backgrounds Pattern Chrysanthemum No People Flower Multi Colored Full Frame Close-up Blooming In Bloom Growing Plant Life Dahlia Botany Fragility The Week On EyeEm Editor's Picks
Whipped. Portrait Of A Woman Eyes Closed  One Woman Only One Young Woman Only White Grass Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Beautiful People Headshot Women Females Close-up Posing Pensive Blade Of Grass
Walking the puppy. Autumn People Portrait Abstract Nature Puppy Park Park - Man Made Space One Person Women One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Tree Mask Carnival Face Mask - Disguise Disguise Costume Eye Mask Animal Imitation Autumn Mood
Pattern Kale Cabbage Decorative Kale Full Frame Backgrounds Close-up Blooming Flower Head Petal Plant Life In Bloom Fragility
Abundance Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Flower Flower Head Flower Full Frame Close-up Plant Dahlia Blooming Plant Life Botany In Bloom Fragility
Old Old House Old Interior Looking At Camera Portrait Sitting On A Chair Classic Classic Interior Paintings Interior Interior Design One Person One Man Only One Young Man Only Men Musical Instrument Full Length Piano Sitting Arts Culture And Entertainment A New Perspective On Life
A leaf voluntarily came on my head. Autumn Autumn Leaves Portrait Leaf One Person One Man Only Men Headshot Side View Fashion Close-up Thoughtful Pretty Day Dreaming Caucasian Contemplation Autumn Mood 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude
The normal world of Millie. Betta Fish Betta  Fish Tank Decoration Fish Fish Tank Colors Colours Aquarium Geometry Multi Colored Party - Social Event Celebration Water Animals In Captivity
At least that lamp didn't die in vain. Fish Fish Tank Decoration Fish Tank Decoration Betta  Betta Fish Tank Colors Colours Colorful Multi Colored Party - Social Event Celebration Red
Not my fault, of course😅 Shattered Broken Lamp Lamp Floor Lamp Floor Destruction Close-up Shattered Glass Breaking Cracked Bad Condition Deterioration Broken Damaged Crash
F2.8, iso 500 and flash 🤦‍♀️ Idk what I was thinking. Probably nothing. Classic Classic Books Old Books BOOK SHELF Flash Interior Indoors  One Person One Man Only One Young Man Only Men Portrait Front View Looking At Camera Pretty Posing Head And Shoulders Library Knowledge Caucasian Thoughtful Introspection Literature
Leaves Autumn Autumn Leaves Colors Colours One Person One Man Only Orange Color Orange Disguise Tree Men Portrait Close-up Anthropomorphic Face Mask - Disguise Halloween Anthropomorphic Smiley Face Obscured Face Face Carnival - Celebration Event Autumn Mood A New Perspective On Life
Was fun to spoil his sketch in Pixlr 👩‍🎨 Sketch Sketchbook Sketching Pen Drawing - Activity Drawing One Person Human Hand Strategy Skill  Holding Close-up Ink Well Fountain Pen Writing Instrument
And justice was served 👨‍⚖ Schnitzel Raw Raw Meat   Snitzel Food Preparation  Preparing Food Prepared High Angle View Directly Above Human Hand Close-up Personal Perspective Pan
Miniature road. Bucegi Natural Park Bucegi Mountains Bucegi Mountain Desert Curve Winding Road Road Rural Scene Sky Landscape Mountain Road Empty Road Arid Climate Mountain Range Arid Landscape Country Road
Portrait Damaged One Person One Man Only Young Men Bathroom Men Bathtub Domestic Bathroom Shower A New Beginning
My best model. White Background Young Women Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Women Beautiful People Human Face Studio Shot Headshot Skin Care Human Skin Swimming Cap A New Beginning
Pretty. Actually, he is really pretty. With @matthias4 Looking At Camera Men One Person One Man Only Headshot Portrait Front View Close-up Pretty Caucasian Head And Shoulders Posing Blue Eyes A New Perspective On Life
My kind of autumn. With @matthias4 No Filter Portrait Light And Shadow Hand Hand Touching Head Autumn Fall People One Person One Man Only Men Leaves Eye Mask Mask - Disguise Obscured Face Mask Hiding Face Autumn Mood A New Perspective On Life Capture Tomorrow
with @matthias4 Park Park - Man Made Space Smoke Smoke - Physical Structure People One Person One Man Only Men Mask Mask - Disguise Tree Autumn Leaf Standing Disguise Autumn Mood
My kind of autumn. With @matthias4 Autumn Smoke Smoke - Physical Structure One Person Men One Man Only Mask Mask - Disguise Tree Front View Portrait Smoking Bad Habit Thoughtful Leaves Fall
Bucegi Bucegi Natural Park Bucegi Mountains Mountain Hills Autumn Grass No People Non-urban Scene Tree Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Foggy Pinaceae Pine Tree Evergreen Tree Eastern Europe Geology Physical Geography Mountain Range Coniferous Tree
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Looking At Camera Women One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Abstract Conceptual White Beauty Beautiful Woman Beautiful People Studio Shot White Background Standing Fashion Model Fashion Ceremonial Make-up Stage Make-up Eye Make-up Make-up Pretty Blank Expression
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Women Flower One Woman Only One Young Woman Only White Background Young Women Beautiful Woman Beauty Studio Shot Headshot Glamour Beautiful People Fashion Model Red Lipstick Human Lips Lace - Textile Ceremonial Make-up Eye Make-up Lipstick Stage Make-up Make-up
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Women One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Abstract Conceptual Colors Colours Geometry Make-up Multi Colored Human Face Beauty Headshot Beautiful People Studio Shot Looking At Camera White Background Beautiful Woman Human Head Covering Ceremonial Make-up Stage Make-up Eye Make-up A New Beginning A New Perspective On Life
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Looking At Camera Women Human Lips White Background Beautiful Woman Beauty Glamour Females Studio Shot Red Headshot Ceremonial Make-up Eye Make-up Jewelry Make-up Stage Make-up Natural Beauty
Simply my opinion. Holding Mirror Mirror Reflection Reflection Portrait Of A Woman Women One Person One Woman Only One Young Woman Only Young Women Jewellery Jewelry Looking At Camera Abstract Conceptual White Background Colors Colours Portrait Directly Above Close-up Wearing Posing Thoughtful Pretty Caucasian Attractive A New Perspective On Life