George DeHaas


Retired Legal Executive. BA (Hon's) Fine Art post retirement. Interest in constructed photography, conceptual and creative photo-based work.
Patio Minimal
Anyone for Tennis! (Whitstable)
Garden Abstraction/Expressionism/Impressionism
Jug Abstraction
Window Lights
Taped Window
Window Light
Taped Window
Automobile Abstraction
Domestic Abstraction
Domestic Reflection
Domestic Reflection
White & Black
Simply Rose/Minimal
Dark Rose
Catching the Bird
The Conversation
Mobility/Reflection/Shop display
Through glass/Expressionism/Impressionism/Reflection
Fruit through glass/Expressionism/Impressionism
Through a Glass Darkly
Fruit through glass/Expressionism/Impressionism
Flowers through ornamental glass window/Expressionism/Impressionism
Through ornamental glass window
Plant on window through glass/Expressionism/Impressionism
Window through glass/Impressionism/Expressionism
Window through glass ball/abstraction
Through glass/abstraction
Through glass/abstraction
Floral/expressionism/Impression/abstraction/Adjusted Photograph/Extreme Colour Editing
'Tigi has a window out onto the world'
'Baguette to go'
'Fruit Scone'
Communications in all careers!
'Riding his Luck'
RhythmTech in Noir
Technicolor RhythmTech
Removing the mask from normal face of Canterbury
Memento Mori
Reflecting on the dark side of the Cathedral City of Canterbury
'Celebration Cakes'
'Wet walk'
'Street View'
'Tiger lady'
Husband waiting!
'We have nothing to wear!'
'Shades of undress'
'New Look'
An abstract impression of the High Street shopping experience
'British Styles!'
'Not Italian!'
'Traveling and Stopped'
'These boots are made for walking'
'Packed and ready to go'
'Traveling the same way'
'Music on the move'
'Never Lost It'
'Colourful Tastes'
'Spinning some Yarn'
Human abstractions
'Amazing Grace & Surprising Vice' He played 'Amazing Grace' at my request: "Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found"
'Finding the Pitch'
'Time out for a Small Time Trader'
'Everybody has a Story'
'Consumer Research'
'Far from the noisy crowd'
'Cutting edge fashion'
Impression bus ride