Curtis Johnson


Love to have fun
Life as we know it
Win Win Win Hello World
Looking out of my Project window
We all have dreams
What ever you name it Hello World
Make It Yourself
A family that prays together stays together... Jesus Thx U..
My oldest son getting ready for the game with a fresh cut
Just looking down from the sky Enjoying Life
Just relaxing with my family Enjoying Life
Just relaxing in Monroe Enjoying Life
Praising Jesus will my boys Jesus
Me when I was a little boy and my boys of today look at God... Ps. The apple don't fall far from the tree... Lol
At work working hard
Him and his brother at the graduation
Me and my son at his graduation...
My two boys just doing what they do looking like daddy ... Enjoying Life
Just having fun with family
Johnson boys for life
U know what it is
I see u
Love it
Just have fun
Hanging Out
Enjoying Life
Love Me Or Hate Me, I Could Careless What You Think Or Say About Me!
Check Up
At my house