Golfy Ball


The Park Gates Cheltenham Park Gates Architecture Sky Built Structure Building Exterior Cloud - Sky Blue Tree
A rare splash of sunshine in rainy Manchester. #WinterSunset Marriott Wintersunset Manchester Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure City Sky Sunset Building Crane - Construction Machinery
Sunshine at the 2018 Gold Cup
Beach sculpting Holiday Beach Art
Sun up Sunrise City
Amazing atmosphere, incredible heat
Time for a traditional pint. Happy Gloucester Day
Best Brunch in the wharf.
Gloucester food festival
Cracking Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Sunset from the balcony of the Exec lounge. Hotel London
Top burgertastic nosh Food
Good grief! Guinness!!
Cracking Sunset to wrap up a successful Tour
A great "Westcountry" burger with "Bacon Jam" in here last night. CamdenHells
Almost disappeared..... Summerinthecity
Great Cheeseroll action yet again. Summertime Bankholidaymonday
Cheese! In the countryshire. I forecast injury due to dry and beautiful conditions. Summertime
Great to see the Tallships in Gloucester again.
Thank you Doncaster and Good Night. The Human League Racing Birthday celebrations.
Racing and The Human League top tastic times
The complete Abba songbook going on here. Piano Music
Insane pressure in the final moments Gloucester Rugby Great Performance
Commuting Home when it feels like Summertime
Again with the Commuting
Kite flying at the golf course. Kite Soaking Up The Sun
Oh... Here again... Commuting London
So a chorizo based bubble and squeak is just an awesome thing..... Night Out Christmas
Ho ho ho... Christmas Night Out
No sign of Charlie at the Chocolate Factory
Oh, this again?! Commuting Train Travel
Down the line... Landscape Railway Multiple Layers
Nice day for a Red Wedding
Apparently, I'm no longer on Holiday Commuting Moon
Not such a beautiful day... Sunrise Life Is A Beach Holiday Is Over
Another beautiful day... Sunrise Life Is A Beach
Flip flop heaven... Holiday Life Is A Beach
A proper beach... ZZzz Holiday Life Is A Beach
Ooo.. Sky... Sky
Taxi Takeaway
The View From The Train
Supernormal fused
Wembley Resplendant
"Blood swept lands and seas of red" War Memorial
Who cares about the rain in London I got to have a Skyfall momement with The Fighting Temeraire
Notting Hill Carnival
Sleeping on the runway... Airplane Grave Yard
Sometimes the light is awesome. The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards
The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards
7sSelfies awesomeness @ the other home of rugby.
Nice one @stanlar Summerofsevens
Opposite the Albert Dock of a summer's evening...
More Summer Sunshine
Oh look. It's that Tom Baker from Hollywood... Or something.. Semi-celebrities
Caught in the distance. Lightening almost
Summer Sunshine
Oh. So it's this again then. <Sarcasm on>Marvellous<Sarcasm off> Commuting Monday
All very familiar. Commuting Up North
Just for a change.... Commuting
A beautiful day for a spot of Cricket in the park with Daughter
Coffee and those awesome little Biscuits from IKEA ... Nom nom nom.
My England....
To be in England in the summertime ... Close to the edge...
The most beautiful car in the world.... Great Atmosphere
I'm On A Boat
What's not to like? Fruit Juice Detox
A beautiful afternoon of golf and a lot of good work for charidy.. Golfing Sunshine
Loving the Sunshine
Ahhh Sunshine
...and one from the top. Cheese Rolling
One from the bottom... Cheese Rolling
Cheese Rolling with Gouda. How very European !
Passing on the train.... The Architect - 2014 EyeEm Awards Brutalist Architecture
The view on my walk to work on Tuesday morning.... London Skyline The Architect - 2014 EyeEm Awards
Up that Laaandan....
Lost on Platform 2..... Commuting Summer
Summer is coming...
Nom, nom, nom.... Dinner Burger The (Alost) Local
Radio Clash... Live Music The Clash
A bit foggy for today's commute... and if it wasn't for the cranes, the river taxi and the bridge this could be 100 years ago.CommutingnLondonoHistoricalal
Heading home... Commuting End Of A Long Week
Time to go home. Eurotunnel
Just a quick trip... Birthday Shenanigans
One last sunset... Incostadeje Sunset and Sangria
Must be Carnival Incostadeje
Not quite a sunset Incostadeje this evening... Must be almost time to go home. Getting A Tan
Loving the sunsets Incostadeje
Pay and Smile Shopping Like A Boss
As if by magic, all the pebbles arranged themselves in piles. Magic Pebbles Enjoying The Sun
Sandcastles and Sunset
It's Twelve Monkeys all over again. Movies In Real Life Last-minute Flight
Heading home. Commuting
D'oh Street Art London
Commuting on a ... Wait. What day is this?
Another great start... Commuting WorstGreatWestern
Charges for court AGS