Lords never worry.


†exas †rill , old enough , jersey village, single, △ kik ; Amazinglylegit, Rapper, Artist.
fall into my arms instead
Hanging Out
doing my girls side walk lol cx
Kik me anyone /.\<33 or comment your name and ill kik you ✌☺
I have a devious mind, & the hardest soul. I fight to get what's mine, i ain't even scared take yours.
my hair ain't even done. oooooh lawd
well let's see how today turns out :3 #Dateless :(
we having a celebration let us stay high~
I tried! ._. lol
eating with my little baby <3
I've always wanted one of these ! but I'm always fucking single on valentines day >:c
put that chrome to ya dome make you sweat like Keith . I miss my hair :(
my ex? yeah I still got feelings for him. like hate Anger and FUCK YOU.
y o l o ~
Did you guys forget about Snapbacks ? LOLOL
I'll be all the things you wanted her to be.
I look weird . ootd ._.
Kik me :3 I reply , don't be shy :3 <3
came to eat with my girl friend c:
eyeem is gonna be an addiction -.-t
Yeah :3
this thing would be so much better with a rotator ._. lol
ew. I hate my cheeks ._.
what the fuck.