Ric Liu :: 劉晉旭


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“I discovered
“May your
“A city is a
I murmur
“Life is like a
“Life is music
“Discord on one
“Sometimes I am
“Spiral minds
“The deepest
“A whole stack
“The only
“Without music,
“The difference
“We are all
“There is a
“Our life is
“Sleep is my
“Time is the
“Everybody has
“Art is to
“I always
“Perhaps love
“Memory is a
“Some ghosts
“Who can know
“The world is
“The best of
“If the freedom
“To sell
“Let Your Color
“You don't have
“Chaos was the
“The bus roared
“It's the way
“There is
“When you take
“Wherever the
“The common eye
“There is a
“In trouble to
“The trouble
“Old folks live
“If you want
“Where talent
“Your life is a
“Pay attention
“Being on a
“She was a mind
“They are like
“Roots are not
"You're in
“Behind all
“The everyday
“The most
“Finding a good
”Happiness is a
"Some things
“For she had
“Wonder is the
“My mom smiled
“Sometimes you
“I love you
“Does the
“I've never
“Nothing is so
“Home isn't a
“Life is like a
“If you want
“Some of my
彼岸 一念之間 緣分 一眼瞬間
“Silence is so
“Real things in
“If you carry
“Cinema is a
“A cigarette is
“The clearest
"Music is a way
防音 = Soundproof
"The best
"People don't
"The world was
"But when you
"She made
"Do not be
"The island is
"It's one thing
"I love a
"One clear
"In every
"Children must

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