Not in Tokyo but closer.
Beach house "eau cafe shonan" 2017 Beach Japan Summer Cafe BeachHouse Hanging Out
Light in the dark. Temple Hanging Out Yokohama
Cargo Container Port
Yokohama Port A study tour for kids, visit Yokohama port cargo terminal to look around the vessel loading containers. Nice experience.
Summer Vacation Summer2015 Outdoor Bath Hotspring
Camping Summer2015 Mountain
Camping Outdoor Cooking Summer2015 Outdoor pizza oven.
Hanging Out South America Chile
Hanging Out South America My second trip to Chile.
One moment of emergence. Forest Camping Summer2015
Yatsugatake Nagano, Japan 八ヶ岳
Mt.Fuji Summer On The Road
Camping The rice cooked like in a kind of traditional way tastes awesome. Pleasure.
Beach Summer2015 Horizon
Beach Summer2015
Tokyo KITTE Christmas Tree Winter
Flowers Pink Rose
Easter Island
My first step on South American continent!! Airport Trip Chile
Rainy / Sunny Sky Earlysummer Today's Weather Report Tokyo
A few minutes between after sunset and night. Sunset Sky
Flowers Recital Reception Ballet Class
a:drinking beer] Relaxing
Forget-me-not, shared by the next-door neighbor. Flowers Spring Taking Photos
Sky Kites fly into the sky.
Perfect clear sky on new year's day. Sky
Sky Tokyo
Night Sky
Breaktime Chocolate
Flowers Wine Relaxing
Sky late autumn, cloudy. Tokyo.
Kyoto Hanging Out
Bread Hanging Out Kyoto Street
Antiques Kyoto Hanging Out
Kyoto Hanging Out
Kyoto Hanging Out