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Landscape-Travel-Event-Report Photography at home in the Harz Mountains with Pentax K30 / K3, Fuji Finepix S100FS , Nokia 6
In the evening
In the evening
In the evening
Clouds and
Morning fog in
Dam with
Dam with
Farewell to
Nice corner
Parking and ski
The water
Arrival of the
The new
The Austberg
Winter time
he 9th of
The Hart
Train arrival
Narrow Gauge
Track display
Ice Cream for
Coffee for the
On the way on
Angler on the
Glass facades
The millennium
Old mining
Old mining
Old mining
Old mining
Old mining
Christmas rose
Clouds in the
Look at
Ready for
Narrow gauge
Castle view
Eyeglasses bank
Post bike
chocolArt 2019
chocolArt 2019
chocolArt 2019
chocolArt 2019
chocolART 2019
chocolArt 2019
chocolArt 2019
The moon sickle
Rock layers
Rock wall on
Moss in the
Valley of the
Wooden bridge
At the
Street artist
Street musician
View into the
Historic Kiepen
Historic city
Historic city
Historic city
Bastei bridge
Goat farm
Drops on the
Pond Water Tree
Autumn bouquet
Sky colors on
Ruin Castle
Ruin Clun
Stone bridge in
Autumn forest
Engels Bank
Roses bloom
Mood before the
Morning ligth
Pine cones Pine
Colors and
Walkig in Ilse
Fruit trees in
Hibiscus flower
night frost
View top
Landscape Trees
Reflection in
Old water
Old trees Trees
Pond in autumn
Colors in the
Walking on the
Exmoor ponies
Autumn kite
Sunrise on
City tour

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