Gisela Granberg


I am working with handicaped people. I adore dancing, animals, yoga, nature and photography. I live in Vaxholm, Sweden.
stary, stary night Stars Dancer Oceanphotography Staryheaven Evening Bluesky Dancing Beachphotography Beach Beachphotography Stjärnhimmel Stjärnor Blåhimmel Stockholm, Sweden Stockholmsfotograf Fotography Selftrigger Självutlösare Have Fun Havet Astronomy Water Sea Beach Nautical Vessel Oil Pump Sunset Social Issues Adventure Sky
Just and android pic with my friend Photoshoot Photos Around You AndroidPhotography Neonlights Friend Photobooth Evening Tree
The Old Man and the Sea Hat Android Photography Meditative Full Length
My hometown traveling through the ride of change, like me :). Just did a 12 days juice fast and really feel how my cells have changed for the better. No allergy here anymore. No itchiness from gluten, processed sugar or other crappy food. That era is gone. The only health problem that is still here are my eye floaters. But they will be gone soon. Cause I am not giving up :) .! There is always a way out. Always! Remedy Eye Floaters Architecture Stockholm, Sweden Streetphotography Stockholm Buildings & Sky Construction Machinery Construction Site Juiceforlife Juice Health Healthy Eating Change Your Perspective Changes Change Is Everywhere
Hot day in Sweden, Nacka. Lake View Lakeview Swimming Time Beauty In Nature Leisure Activity Hot Day Nacka Sweden
Distant moon pic with my android. Tree Sky Beauty In Nature Branch Water Tranquil Scene Outdoors Focus On Foreground Landscape Moon Shots Moody Sky Moon Light Looking Into The Future
Snowy days are gone here in Sweden. Thank good. Been struggling with eye issues and the day I took this pic I had a hard time with my eyes. Considering surgery.. Eyes Snowing Surgery Portrait Photography Man portrait of a friend Nature One Person Landscape Lake Life Lakescape Trees And Nature
A period in my life when I got sick and eye-problems, last may, in Cali. Still working on the path towards regaining health. Floaters Cali Motel Motels Health Sick Eye Vision
Two girls watching the sunset in Encinitas, ca. Sea Horizon Over Water Nature Outdoors Scenics Tranquility Travel Destinations Clear Sky People Women Around The World Green Color Grassy Sunset Beauty In Nature Ocean Waves Oceanphotography Ocean View San Diego Enchanted  Encinitas California Beach Sunsetporn Sea And Sky Looking Into The Future
Well ain't that a nice view. Vacation in the States again Looking Into The Future Vacations Scenics Sunlight Sunset_collection Sunsetlover Ocean Waves Ocean Sea And Sky Sea California San Diego Encinitas California
let the soft animal inside you love what it loves. Cat♡ Pets Close-up Animal Themes Siamese Cat Mycat Blue Eyes Love Lookingup Looking Into The Future Domestic Cat One Animal
I am not ashamed of my scars. I know I can transform pain into something beautiful. Beach Ocean OceanCity Island Gotland, Sweden Visby Visby,Sweden Swan Birds_collection Cloud - Sky Clouds And Sky Nature Photography Canoneos Water Clouds Pain Beauty Beautiful Beauty In Nature
"Out beyond ideas of wrightdoing and wrongdoing there is field, I"ll meet you there" Night Tree Star - Space Illuminated Outdoors Galaxy Beauty In Nature Nature No People Low Angle View Sky Growth Yogaeverydamnday Tripods Tripod Photography Astronomy Dad
Twist my sadness out of me like you wring out a cloth! Sadness Twists Yoga Pose Ardha Matsyendrasana Half Lord Of The Fish Pose Asana Yogaeverydamnday Yoga Practice Yogalove Yogaeverywhere Yogaforlife California Dreaming California Encinitas California Tripod Snapseed Edit
I can ride til' I see you. Just let me do it. But not for endless nights. If I have to. I don't believe in you. Night Car Illuminated Road Sign California California Coast Nightphotography Encinitas California Encinitas Tripod Signs In The Sky Drivebyphotography Driving Around
Aloha scent greeted me this morning. Bye bye the States. Back to Sweden now Sea Nature Flowers California California Coast Beach Water Oceanview Goodbye Goodbye Summer
Me Scenics California Love Night Lights Nightphotography Sea And Sky Seascape Photography Seaview Seaside_collection Seascape Woman Gazing At Nature Gazing At The Sky Nature_collection Nature Photography California Coast California Dreaming
When I have something to tell you, will you listen with your soul? Sinking your ears to your heart, like the sun caresses the ocean every night? Listening Sea Togetherness Couples Check This Out California Encinitas Encinitas California Sunsets Lovers Point Lovers Lovephotography  Sea And Sky Sunset Silhouettes Silhouette Romantic Sky Romance Romantic❤ Headshot
" We have lost even this twilight. Noone saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue night dropped on the world. I have seen from my window the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops. Sometimes a piece of sun burned like a coin in my hand. I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know. Where were you then? Who else was there? Saying what? Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly when I am sad and feel you are far away" /pablo neruda Sad Tripod Stars & Dreams Stars Stars At Night Star Field Sky Sea Ocean Ocean Photography Palmtrees Smaragd Green Outdoors Night Lights Scenic Landscapes Landscape Sand & Sea Dreaming Love Nightwalks Canon_photos Canoneos
"Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place" Contemplation Lifestyles Exxceptional Photography Yogalife Timerselfie Yoga Practice Handstands Getting There Yogaforlife Paros_island Paros Greece Monastery Lighthhouse Naoussa Greece Practicing
Thats me on the day of graduation. Happy day after completing 200 hours ytt in Naoussa, Greece at Yoga Shala Long Hair Selfportrait Self Portrait Around The World Yogateacher Yogatime Yogaforlife Yogalife Long Hair Indoors  Young Adult Young Women Lifestyles Headshot Person Casual Clothing Looking At Camera Front View Beauty Contemplation
We tend to live in the past and the future to a huge extent. It creates preconceptions and sometimes leads to unnecessary reactions and condemnation. To live right now, embrace it, is my goal right now. Just finished my first 200 hours yoga teacher training in Greece, Paros. Wood - Material Scenics Nature Outdoors Yoga ॐ Yoga Pose Yogaeverydamnday Yogselfie Self Portrait Yogapractice Yogateachertraining Ocean View Seascape Photography Side View Boardwalk Clear Sky Full Length Wooden Pier Nature Scenics Sky Tranquility Surface Level Outdoors
Memory from Luleå this summer Ferry Boat Sony Xperia Mobilephotography Water Reflections Northern Europe Luleå  Lappland Sweden Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Sea And Sky Relaxing Gazing At The Sky
Luleå this summer, my birth-town Summertime Sweden Lappland Everyday Joy Everything In Its Place Evening Sky Sea Streetlights Northern Europe Northern Sweden Sony Xperia
Microcosmos in macrocosmos Stockholm, Sweden Sony Xperia Z3 Mobilephotography Ice Cream Slussen Stockholm Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos Pink Color Railway Subway Water Summertime Sweden
Just gazing at the moment Relaxing Greece Platanias Ocean View Sea And Sky Seascape Father & Son Fatherhood Moments Father And Son Parents Relaxation Reading Onepointperspective Onepointed Nature
"he said "don't you feel lonely living in your own little world?" She whispered, "don't you feel powerless living in other peoples worlds?" /F.G Check This Out Hello World Dancing Dancers Movement Photography Movementtherapy Being Dance Ocean Sea And Sky California Coast Encinitas Cardiff Carlsbad Surfspot Surfers Paradise California Metime Selfie Portrait Selfportrait Selfie ✌ Self Portrait Around The World Selfies Relaxing Enjoying Life
Miss my Eden California Coast Taking Photos Dancer Dansa Dans Dancing Ocean Breathing Fresh Air Breathtaking View Sunset Kalifornien Encinitas AndLove
Stilling the duality and carousel of the mind. My primary goal from now on. I am good as I am, because you are also me Taking Photos Selfreminder Self Portrait Slrphotography Selfie Portrait Self Portrait Around The World North Shore Hawaii Hawaiishots TRIGGER Selftaken Nature Lastautumn Vacation2015 Vacation Destination Vacation Time Yoga Pose Hello World Yoga ॐ Yogaeverydamnday Yoga Practice Yogalove Enjoying Life Stillness In Time Stillneedpractice
Retro party with my cat. Playing with snapseed again. Hanging Out Reading Taking Photos Catsofinstagram Cats Magazine Home Sweet Home Relaxing Party Time This Is Me Self Portrait Selfies
Children Photography Children's Portraits Childhood Nature Little Girl Little Boy Siblings
Hanging Out Taking Photos Portrait Portrait Of A Child Portrait Photography
Children Photography Siblings Little Girl Little Boy Portrait Photography Portraits Hello World Cheese!
Cat eating, Homeless Cats Looking At Camera Lookingup Food Catfood Animals Animal Photography Animal_collection Animal Love Cat Eating
The night when I decided to be my best friend Vastness Relaxing Time Ocean View Buildings & Sky Architectural Detail Evening Sky Me And My Camera Check This Out Evening Light Architecture Greece Crete Chania
Your mind creates your world Hanging Out Reading Coffee Coffee Break Biography Autobiography Of A Yogi Hello World Mind The Gap Visual Statements Visualmagic Relaxing Time Relaxing Moments Relaxing Taking Photos Relaxing In The Sun This Spring Escapism Cappuccino Escape From Reality Reality Real Love  Yogi Yogis Yogalove
Calmness of mind. Hanging with my phone Time To Reflect Sony Xperia Hanging Out Nature_collection Natural Beauty Sea Foggy Fog Check This Out Reflections Mindfulness Mind Wondering Swimmers Swedish Summer Swimming
Playing with my phone. Snapseed is indeed fun Hanging Out Taking Photos Snapseed Selfie ✌ Check This Out Playing With Filters Playtime ThirdEye Time To Reflect Yogaeverydamnday Yoga Paranormal Psychic
I am finally back and able to take mobile phone pictures and so on after a long time with a bad phone Taking Photos Hello World EyeEm Nature Lover Yoga ॐ Yogagirl Yogaeverydamnday Selfportrait ThatsMe Yoga Selfie ✌ Selfmade That's Me Yoga Pose Time To Reflect Ayurveda
Just me and my dance. There's nothing like it. Alive. Traveling Hawaii Check This Out Seascape Enjoying The Sun Dancer Dance Photography Dance Life Dancing Sea And Sky Dance Naturelovers Nature_collection Taking Photos Enjoying The View Enjoying Life Dancing Around The World Oahu, Hawaii Hello World Relaxing Movement Photography Movement Movement Is Life Movementphotography Dancers
"what you really wan't is happiness. You might believe that a fat bank account will get you there, but that's false. Happy people are happy rich or poor. Money simply masks your real being by giving you activities to occupy your mind. Don't fool yourself, recession or not, your true wealth comes from your heart and is always only there" Taking Photos Check This Out Sun_collection Sunphotography Hello World Enjoying Life OahuRelaxing Travel Nightphotography Hawaii Sunset North Shore Good Night Sea And Sky Ocean View Oceanlife Seascape Nature Photography Nature_collection EyeEm Best Edits Life Is A Beach Lovely Love It Eyem Nature Lovers
When I look down on everything it seems much more simple than down there Bigcitylife BigcitylightsCityscapes City Lights City Life City View  Oceanlife Honolulu, Hawaii Relaxing Enjoying The View Enjoying Life Nightphotography High Angle View Nightshot Good Night High BuildingsNightscape Travel Photography Traveling Hawaii Check This Out Hanging Out Cheese! Life Is A Beach Honolulu
It was during a holiday this autumn. Had a hot and sad day. This couple captured the moment when my day turned into bliss and a feeling of appreciation of life and the highs and lows Showcase: November Sunset Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Relaxing Enjoying Life Silent Moment Couples Photo Shoot Beachphotography Couples Sea And Sky Sea View Seascape Seaside Mobile Photography Sunset Photography Oahu Hawaii Hawaii Life Hawaii Sunset
In loneliness I cant help but finding peace and blissHiphoplife Sunsetphotographs Beach Sunset Silhouettes Sunset_collection Sun_collection Sunphotography Seaside Seascape Sea And Sky Enjoying Life Enjoying The Sun Taking Photos California Love Relaxing Nature Photography Sunset Hip Hop Girl
My magic town Taking Photos California Love Check This Out Hello World Flowers City Life Hanging Out Cinema On The Road Roadside Highway 1 Enjoying Life Encinitas San Diego California California City
my god thankyou for natures bliss Oahu, Hawaii North Shore HawaiiCliffside Seaside Sea And Sky Yoga ॐ Yogaeverydamnday Relaxing Yoga Yoga Lover Ocean View Oceanlife Yoga Nature Photography Yoga Poses EyeEm Nature Lover Check This Out Travel ThatsMe Capturing Movement Movement Dancer Cliffs Seascape Hawaii
In your arms I felt complete. Hope to see you in your next life. Taking Photos Couples In Love California Love San Diego Naturelovers Encinitas Hanging Out Check This Out Enjoying Life Sunset Silhouettes Sunset Hello World Couple California Sunset
"A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather. I was praying that you and me might end up together" Oceanlife Capturing Freedom California Love Encinitas Lovers Man And Woman Man And Nature Seaside Sea And Sky Sunset EyeEm Nature Lover Couples Shoot Couple Inlove Love Encinitas California
Exploring freedom. That's Me Hello World Dancing Dancer Selfportrait Seaside Dancing Around The World Travel Oceanlife Movement Selfies Capturing Movement Dance Beach Photography
Pain is inevitable, but not suffering Ocean View Seaside Sunset Swedish Summer Sweden Westcoast Of Sweden Enjoying The View Sunset_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Sweden Varberg Sea View Sea Life EyeEm Nature Lover Varberg, Sweden Travel Beachphotography
Sweden again. Wonderland Wonderful Place EyeEm Best Shots Check This Out MADE IN SWEDEN Make Magic Happen Magic Moments Fairytale  Fairytales & Dreams Naturelovers Dreamland Varberg, Sweden Sunset In Sweden Nirvana
Still dream of that.. Hanging Out Check This Out Varberg Sunset Beach Eye4photography  Sea_collection Enjoying Life Flowers,Plants & Garden Sea And Sky Ocean View Seaside Beach Photography
"Better to die fighting for freedom, than be a prisoner all the days of your life" /Bob Marley Hanging Out Bird Photography Birds_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Freedom Enjoying Fresh Air Sunset_collection Sunset Silhouettes Sunset Cheese! Loneliness Sunset Bird Free Time
"You will change the world just by being a warm, kind-hearted human being" Hanging Out Capturing Freedom Freedom Hello World Enjoying Life EyeEm Nature Lover Just Shoot.. Sweden Nature_collection Nature On Your Doorstep Piquenique Free Varberg
"When I'm silent, I have a thunder hidden inside" /Rumi Lighthouse Taking Photos Varberg Sweden MADE IN SWEDEN Eye4photography  Eyem Nature Lovers  Sweden Nature Varberg, Sweden EyeEm Best Shots Ocean View Oceanlife
"Sometimes it's not how hard you try; it's what you try" Philosophy Just Shoot.. Taking Photos Enjoying Nature Relaxing Varberg, Sweden Check This Out Eyem Nature Lovers  EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Reading Sunset Rest Vacation Sweden
"Nature does not hurry. Yet everything gets accomplished" Taking Photos Beach Photography Beach Sunset Beautiful Nature Varberg, Sweden Eyem Nature Lovers Check This Out Nature_collection Ocean View Just Shoot.. Sweden Varberg Hello World
God I love paid vacation. thankyou! Peoplephotography Eyem Nature Lovers  Hanging Out California Dreaming Selfportrait Selfies Enjoying Life Enjoying The Sun The United States Thats Me
"Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets & makes night air smell better"/Henry Rollins Pier Varberg, Sweden Girl Swimming Peoplephotography Sunset_collection Naturelovers EyeEmBestPics Eyem Nature Lovers  Just Taking Pictures Sweden Swimming Swimmer Varberg Kurort
Every night I sit in my mind thinking that I want to escape it all. Taking Photos Varberg, Sweden Lightroom Boats Hello World Check This Out EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Ocean View Peoplephotography Varberg Kurort Varberg Boat Ship
Cutest kid Mattis. My best friend Marias youngest. Hanging Out Beachphotography Kids Kidsphotography Happy People Peoplephotography People Beach Photography Color Portrait Portraiture
The magic of the mind is infinite. Check This Out Hello World Enjoying Life Sunset Pier Varberg, Sweden Sunset_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Nature_collection Architecture_collection Swedish Summer Sweden Varberg Summertime Sunset WestCoast
Look out for your dreams! This summer in Varberg, Sweden. Hanging Out Check This Out Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Varberg, Sweden Summer Views Sunset Peoplephotography Streetphotography Couple Love Sunset In Sweden Sweden Varberg Sunset_collection
"Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fears and nothing controls you except your beliefs". 2 days to go.. IPhoneography Check This Out Surf Encinitas Enjoying The Sun Surfers Surfing Sunset Ocean Hello World Nature_collection California Sunset Surfer Sunset
"take it day by day and be greatful for every breath". Two days left. Then the break at my favourite coffee place in the world. Hanging Out Taking Photos California Dreaming Coffee And Sweets Break Stop Sign Stop Coffee Time Coffee Break Coffee Stopsign Hello World Stop Pannikin Encinitas Coffee And Tea
Bye bye summer in Sweden (which I basically missed out on since working all the time). Autumn is here. And I will soon breathhing in the California soul and rythm 😍 IPhone 4S Hanging Out Lake Reflections Summertime Sweden IPhoneography Iphonephotography Check This Out Hello World
Soon. Soon I will be nearby. And feel a smile from the inside. Hanging Out Peoplephotography California Dreaming Enjoying Life Coffee Time Coffee And Sweets Check This Out From Where I Stand Encinitas Happy People Coffee And Tea
Yummy! Foodporn Food Porn Awards In My Mouf Hanging Out Hello World Check This Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life Foodphotography Foodie Shrimps Shrimpsandwich Sweden Food
"the first ingredient for happiness is to avoid too much lengthy meditation on the past" Summertime Sun Colorful Color Portrait Redhead Red Hair Peoplephotography People Happiness Happy People
Check This Out Light And Shadow Barn Surf Photography Surfing Surfboards Yinyang Summertime Summer Vibes Yin And Yang Surfboard
"Because I'm happy... " Taking Photos Cool Kids Happy People Children Photography Kidsphotography Streetphotography Hanging Out Cape Verde From My Point Of View Hello World
Breakfast at my friends place :) Relaxing Taking Photos Sneaking A Pic Hi! Hello World Boy Color Photography Color Portrait Cheese! Children Photography
"Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie" Street Photography Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Lovers Love From My Point Of View Peoplephotography People EyeEm Best Shots Getting Inspired
I wish we were easy and light, a perfect blend of colours, melting and floating together in calm water Taking Photos Light And Shadows Creative Light And Shadow Pool Darkness And Light Colours Swimming Pool Architecture_collection Architectural Detail Architecture Luleå  Sweden Colors Bath
"Time heals all wounds. But not this one. Not yet." Marie Lu Taking Photos Portrait B&W Portrait Monochrome Light And Shadow Healing HEAL Grief Darkness And Light Light And Shadows Healing Massage Therapy Massage Oil Shoulders Pain Shoulder Blade
Trying to catch it with a macro filter Taking Photos Flowerporn Flower Collection Flowers Flower Roses White Flower White Rose Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover White Roses
I sat there and cried because I had to let "us" go. You will always be with me no matter what. Taking Photos Ocean View Tears EyeEm Nature Lover Amalfi Coast Evening Sky Clouds And Sky Cloud_collection  Nature Ocean Photography Italy Amalphicoast
"Being able to feel love, loyalty, gratitude and happiness means have a soul. Then all my pets are bound for heaven" Animal Photography Love My Cat Cats Of EyeEm Eyes Blue Eyes Animals Animal Portrait Cat Cute Cats Hungry Cat Hungry Cat
That could be me this summer. I need natures healing power. Check This Out Birds_collection Eyem Birds Man Unhappy Tired Thinking Nature Animals Animal Photography Man Bird Depression Sad Man And Nature Man And Birds
My work is killing me this summer... I long for the still summer breeze and sleep and dancing and yoga with the ocean this autumn in Encinitas, California. My second home. From my last visit there Taking PhotosRelaxing California Enjoying Life Highway 1 Pacific Coast Highway Night Lights Nightlife Eyemcaptured Canonphotography
"...just keep me where The Light is..." Volleyball Sports Photography Sunset_collection Sunset Silhouettes Beach Enjoying Life Hope Praying Sportsphotography Sport God Beautiful Nature Relaxing California Sunset Life Booth Encinitas Prayer Praying Happiness Happy Happy People
And finally some summer reflections in Sweden. Android Sonyxperiaz1 Yoga Relaxing Check This Out Cheese! EyeEm Nature Lover Naturelovers Enjoying Life Birds
My best friend Marias son resting 😊 Hello World Resting Rest Sleeping Sleepy Kidsphotography Portrait Kid Taking A Nap Enjoying Life
Outdoor portrait of Thomas Di Leva. A musician in Sweden. Hello World Live Music Musician Famous Famous People Hanging Out Outdoors Outdoor Photography Colour Portrait Check This Out Thomas Di Leva Tomas Di Leva
A selfportrait a couple of years ago. Taking Photos Self Portrait Selfies Selfietime Candles Mirror Mirrorselfie Cheese! Hello World Getting Inspired
Flowers with a macro filter I tried. Check This Out Eyem Nature Lovers  Flowerporn Flower Collection Flowers Nature_collection Colours Colors Pink Inspired Roses
A cat at my friend Marias place Hanging Out Taking Photos Today's Hot Look Cat Animals Animal Photography Cat Lovers Summertime In Sweden Getting Inspired Cats
A cat I met outside one sunny day in Vaxholm. I Love Cats I Love Animals Cats Nature_collection Hanging Out Check This Out Cheese! Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life
Soon I will be here. Work work soon bliss. Check This Out Stretching Working Out Naturelovers EyeEm Nature Lover Ocean View Ocean Beachphotography Beach Encinitas Exercising Health Beach Life California
Took a bus in january one year. From Sorrento to Positano. It was breathtaking Taking Photos Ocean View Cliffside Sunset Beautiful Nature Nature Photography Hello World EyeEm Nature Lover Italy Amalphicoast
Waiting for the boat at Tynningö in Stockholm Archipelago Boats Boat Waiting Ocean Hanging Out Taking Photos Hello World Swedish Archipelago Boat Trip Boats And Water Waiting
2 boys at an island in the archipelago selling stuff Boys Market Archipelago Hello World Check This Out Getting Inspired Enjoying Life Hot Summer Day Summertime In Sweden Colour Portrait
Foodporn Foodphotography From My Point Of View Food Enjoying Life Check This Out From Where I Stand Eye4photography  Food Porn
Eating food in Nynäshamn on a boat Foodporn Food Foodphotography Yummy Stockholm, Sweden Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life In My Mouf Good Food Food Fish Market Lemon Fish And Lemon
Hanging Out Hello World Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Archipelago Archipelago Nature From Where I Stand Water_collection Water EyeEm Best Shots
Beautiful day in Vaxholm Check This Out Naturelovers Boat Enjoying Life Stockholm Archipelago Archipelago Ocean Water_collection Water Eye4photography  Sweden Swedish Summer Swedish Nature Boat Ride Boat Trip Archipelagos Swedish Archipelago Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm
A lady relaxing in Italy watching the oceanCapturing Freedom Enjoying Life Enjoying The View Nature Photography Color Photography From My Point Of View Cinque Terre Vacation Vacation Time Reading Time Alone Healthy Healthy Lifestyle Woman Peoplephotography Eye4photography  Italy
Another homeless cat which found help in the cat residence for homeless cats in Vaxholm, Sweden. Around 60 cats live here togetherAnimals Pets Cats Cat Hello World Eyes Cat Lovers EyeEm Best Shots Catoftheday Eye4photography  Cat
A cat from the home for homeless cats in Vaxholm, Sweden. There are around 60 cats living together there. Homeless Cats Cat Cat Lovers Cats Cats Of EyeEm Hello World Check This Out Eye4photography  Catoftheday Cat Watching
Me last autumn on vacation in the States IPhoneography Selfportrait Streetphotography Thats Me  Check This OutHoliday POV Eye4photography  Dancing Dance Enjoying Life California Dreaming That's Me! Self Portrait Dancing Girl Car