Ghea Dwitami

instagram @gheaariefina and @sem.bilan
Ghea Dwitami
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Portrait of beautiful woman
High angle view of fruits in plate on table
Close-up of cake on table
Close-up of coffee cup on table
High angle view of woman sitting on chair
High angle view of chairs on table
Portrait of young woman sitting on floor at home
Bare trees on snow covered land
Rear view of man walking on mountain
Young woman on wall
Low angle view of road against sky
Portrait of cat
Close-up of insect on yellow flower
Close-up of cat sitting
Close-up portrait of cat
Close-up of illuminated lamp
Close-up of guitar
Close up of umbrella over white background
Close-up portrait of cat at home
Woman sitting at home
Portrait of cat lying on bed
Close-up of coffee on table
Scenic view of desert against clear sky
Bare trees on snow covered landscape
Directly above shot of table against white background
Close-up portrait of kitten relaxing on bed at home
Close-up of hand holding paper
Young woman smiling while standing against tree
Rear view of a man in forest
Close-up of hand holding sunglasses on table
Trees by water
Close-up portrait of girl sitting
Low section of man wearing red shoes
Portrait of smiling young couple sitting against white background
Low angle view of tree against sky
Low section of woman sitting on bed
Low angle view of trees at night
Close-up of blue water
Close-up of baby hand
Man on river against clear sky
Men on boat in lake against clear sky
Scenic view of lake against clear sky
Scenic view of lake against clear sky during sunset
Boat moored on lake against sky
People standing on shore by sea against sky during sunset
Flock of birds on landscape against sky
Scenic view of lake against sky at sunset
Scenic view of lake against sky during sunset
Horses on tree
Firework display at night
Close-up of woman standing against black background
Woman in traditional clothing
Low angle view of silhouette man on cliff against sky during sunset
Silhouette tree by sea against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
High angle view of river against clear sky
Close-up portrait of cat at home
Close-up of cat relaxing on bed
Close-up of cat
Close-up of jellyfish on grass
Close-up of hand holding apple
Close-up of shirtless man against black background
Portrait of boy wearing sunglasses standing on field
Low section of people shadow on street
Portrait of young woman lying on bed
View of horse in forest
Young woman on table at home
Woman walking on grass
Beautiful woman standing against white background
Portrait of smiling young woman at home