Georgia Waldo


Housewife, mother of 3, Mom of many. I take photos to cure the heartache of losing my parents to cancer.
what did you just say? Blond Hair Child Beauty Childhood Headshot Redhead Portrait Close-up Thoughtful Profile Head And Shoulders
berries are ripe. Berries Flower Branch Leaf Plant Part Sunlight Summer Flower Head Close-up Landscape Plant
I see more here, than you do. Skulls Creepy Face Smoke Images Smoke Human Leg Low Section Human Feet Personal Perspective Focus On Shadow
peaceful day Tree Leaf Flower Hanging Close-up Plant Ivy Potted Plant Growing Flower Pot Houseplant Pot Vine Residential Structure
the mist and a sign City Road Sign Illuminated Sunset Street Light Sky Architecture Information Sign Information Capital Letter
mountain dew Water Flower Springtime Defocused Summer Drop Wet Closing Uncultivated Wildflower Dew Blade Of Grass Plant Life RainDrop Focus Lush - Description
fall is coming Tree Flower Branch Fruit Flower Head Close-up Plant Food And Drink Plant Life Twig Unripe Bud
blue moon, how about blue night UnderSea Silhouette Sky Reed - Grass Family Calm Dramatic Sky Atmospheric Mood Sky Only Romantic Sky Moody Sky Overcast Marram Grass
fragile young growth Fern Close-up Plant Petal Pollen Stamen Leaves Fragility Growing
Beautiful teen Cellphone Teenage Girls Young Women Women Technology Close-up Thoughtful Only Teenage Girls 16-17 Years One Teenage Girl Only Female High School Student Digital Native Teenagers Only Teenager Wearing
passion flowers Water Rural Scene Close-up Animal Themes Sky Grass Landscape Wildflower Uncultivated Stem Pollination Symbiotic Relationship
sunset Tree Sunset Desert Tree Trunk Forest Fire Silhouette Environment Environmental Issues Sky Landscape Single Tree Dead Tree Fallen Tree Bark Plant Bark Tree Area
Boys life Boys Will Be Boys Boyhood Happiness Portrait Smiling Senior Adult Arms Raised Human Arm Sport
Oh Deer! Tree Standing Field Grass Landscape Green Color Deer Hoofed Mammal Animal Family Herbivorous Grazing Antler Stag
a view through Trees Tree Square Tree Bird Branch Leaf Green Color
fruits of our labor Pear Tree  Fruit Leaf Branch Close-up Plant Green Color Fruit Tree Orchard Unripe Twig Picking
crabby day Crab Insect Animal Themes Close-up Grass Crustacean Hermit Crab Animal Shell Crab - Seafood
green day Tree Branch Fruit Leaf Hanging Full Frame Plant Part Close-up Sky Plant Unripe Fruit Tree Farmland Apple Blossom Orchard Apple Tree
thumbs up bro EyeEm Selects Sitting Living Room Music Men Cozy Home Sweet Home Comfortable At Home Armchair Cushion Pillow
little green apples Tree Fruit Leaf Close-up Green Color Food And Drink Blooming Branch Woods Apple Blossom Growing Twig Tree Trunk
I see you... Pets Portrait Dog Close-up Panting Sticking Out Tongue Residential Structure Animal Tongue Animal Mouth Canine Building
where the red fern grows Fern Leaf Backgrounds Pattern Close-up Plant Growing Leaves Fall Autumn Leaf Vein Young Plant
photo gypsy. The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards 10 Portrait Smiling Looking At Camera Standing Car Tree Blond Hair Happiness
river life. Tree Water Mountain Sunset Forest Lake Pinaceae Pine Tree Beach Winter Foggy Physical Geography Hiker Geology Rugged Tranquil Scene Hiking Idyllic Fog Calm Rock Formation Natural Landmark Stalactite  Pine Woodland Canyon Rocky Mountains Mountain Peak Rock Hoodoo Eroded Geyser
old, but not gone. EyeEm Selects Oil Pump Tree Field Grass Run-down Abandoned Obsolete Discarded Weathered Worn Out Damaged Bad Condition Deterioration Rusty Decline
dog days of summer EyeEm Selects Flower Close-up Animal Themes Plant Thistle Symbiotic Relationship Pollination Spiky Insect Bug Wildflower Grasshopper Caterpillar Dragonfly
lawnmower au natural. Deer Deer Moments EyeEm Selects Grazing Young Animal Livestock Herbivorous
days gone by EyeEm Selects Destruction Window Rusty Abandoned Law Close-up Barbed Wire Bad Condition Broken Weathered Run-down Deterioration Obsolete Fence
wildflowers in bloom Wildflowers
old farm equipment EyeEm Selects Tree Abandoned Forest Field Grass Architecture Landscape Deterioration Run-down Tractor Combine Harvester Damaged Bad Condition Obsolete Bare Tree Weathered Civilization Rusty Peeling Off Broken Wiltshire Agricultural Equipment Agricultural Machinery Ruined
hello deer Deersighting Deer Moments EyeEm Selects Animal Themes
I see you over there EyeEm Selects Young Women Eyeglasses  Portrait Smiling Headshot Women Happiness Looking At Camera Business Finance And Industry Brown Hair Vision Eyelid
I love you EyeEm Selects Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Smiling Beautiful People Happiness Headshot Human Face Red Lipstick Pink Lipstick  Eye Make-up Iris - Eye Mascara Hazel Eyes  Lip Gloss Lipstick Blush - Make-up Face Powder Eyeball Eyebrow
nap time EyeEm Selects Pets Feline Portrait Domestic Cat Friendship Living Room Lying Down Cute Home Interior White Color Kitten Whisker Sleeping Cat Napping At Home Carnivora
Ouch, that sun is bright EyeEm Selects Close-up Animal Themes Fossil Paleontology Symbiotic Relationship Limestone Mineral Evolution  Extinct
mama, watch this EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Water Beach Summer Shirtless Swimming Standing Portrait Sea Ankle Deep In Water Swimming Trunks Diving One Piece Swimsuit Visiting Beach Holiday Wading Shallow
awesome bacon sandwich Camping EyeEm Selects Baseball Cap Holding Mid Adult Headshot Grass Camping Stove Bonfire Tent
you are doing it again mom! EyeEm Selects Water Sea Beach Child Eating Summer Portrait Blond Hair Friendship Swimming Bikini Top Bikini Bottom Bikini Wet Hair Beach Towel Swimwear
stop taking pictures mom! EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Water Friendship Child Young Women Time Females Sea Beach Girls Sibling Sister Children Human Back Hair Brother Family With Three Children Back Family
beauty in nature Morning Glory💙 Morning Glory Flower EyeEm Selects Water Lake Social Issues Rural Scene Closing Close-up Sky Grass Plant Green Color Flowering Plant Lush - Description Blossom Blooming Botany Stamen Plant Life Countryside Plant Stem Bud In Bloom Plant Part Pistil
good morning dawn! Landscapes Sunrise - Dawn Colors Morning Sky
dewdrops at dawn Flower Head Flower Pink Color Purple Close-up Plant Blossom Plant Life Flowering Plant Botany Uncultivated Lavender In Bloom Stamen Wildflower Bud Focus Pistil Lavender Colored
why are you so serious? EyeEm Selects Portrait Beautiful Woman Young Women Beauty Looking At Camera Headshot Beautiful People Arts Culture And Entertainment Film Industry Human Face Popular Music Concert Ceremonial Make-up Stage Light Blank Expression Stage - Performance Space Entertainment Occupation Performance Group Pop Music Concert Music Festival Music Concert Necklace Pearl Jewelry Pop Rock Stage Make-up Jewelry Earring  Face Powder Concert Hall
you crack me up! EyeEm Selects Portrait Smiling Eyeglasses  Happiness Young Women Cheerful Headshot Fun Front View Carefree Necklace Curly Hair Ornament Gold Chain  Pearl Jewelry Pendant Bead Door Bauble Jewelry Locket Bangle Earring  Bubble Closed Door
peace bro EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Water Child Full Length Childhood Beach Sunlight Tree Sky Casual Clothing Sand Fishing Fishing Pole Fishing Tackle Fishing Net Shore FootPrint Fishing Rod Sand Pail And Shovel Fishing Hook Fishing Equipment Catch Of Fish Fisherman Sandy Beach Commercial Fishing Net Fishing Industry Hooded Beach Chair Rope Swing Sand Dune
What did you just say? EyeEm Selects Smiling Portrait City Eyeglasses  Beauty Cheerful Child Happiness Beautiful People Arts Culture And Entertainment Music Concert One Teenage Girl Only Caucasian Nightclub Pretty Concert Stage Light Music Festival Disco Dancing Popular Music Concert Clubbing Friend Festival Goer Disco Ball Disco Lights Dance Floor
what you doing? EyeEm Selects Child Eyeglasses  Togetherness Friendship Pleading Females Social Issues Love Brown Hair Young Family Affectionate Two Generation Family Family Bonds Cheek To Cheek Falling In Love Embracing
boiling pot EyeEm Selects Mediterranean Food Food And Drink Establishment Kitchen Italian Food Preparation  Food Staple Boiling Preparing Food Ingredient Close-up Frying Pan Saucepan Cooking Oil Burner - Stove Top Cooking Utensil Deep Fried  Fried Olive Oil Stove Cast Iron Pan Gas Stove Burner Skillet- Cooking Pan Camping Stove Sunny Side Up Casserole Cooking Pan
oh! you got me. EyeEm Selects Portrait Smiling Beautiful People Studio Shot Beauty Happiness Beautiful Woman Headshot Young Women Colored Background Gold Chain  Bling Bling Locket Necklace Boho Green Background Yellow Background Earring  Pendant Jewelry Diamond - Gemstone
mmmn,.... nummy
the rocks even see EyeEm Selects Leaf Full Frame Rock - Object Backgrounds Close-up Plant Pebble Beach Pebble Ant Seashell Growing Stone - Object Salt - Mineral
the flowers acknowledge him EyeEm Selects Flower Head Flower Closing Rural Scene Summer Springtime Close-up Plant Grass Flowering Plant Wildflower Plant Life Botany Uncultivated Daisy Thistle In Bloom Stamen
viola! I am beautiful. The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards Flower Head Flower Leaf Petal Blossom Close-up Plant Botanical Garden Plant Part Tropical Flower Flowering Plant In Bloom Iris - Plant Stamen Botany Pistil
EyeEm Selects The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards Portrait Smiling Happiness Beautiful People Beauty Cheerful Headshot Looking At Camera Human Face Studio Shot Self Portrait Photography Brown Eyes Eye Color Peace Sign - Gesture Digital Camera Photography Themes Photographing Pink Lipstick  Taking  Photo Messaging Gold Chain  Earring  Selfie Self Portrait Music Concert Festival Goer Joy
you belong among the wildflowers Tree Tree Trunk Leaf Close-up Grass Plant Green Color Wildflower Uncultivated Flower Head Lush - Description Stamen Petal Blooming Pollen Dandelion In Bloom Daisy Thistle Flora Dahlia Single Flower Stem
Hey, whatcha got over there? EyeEm Selects Pets Retriever Portrait Dog Looking At Camera Labrador Retriever Grass Close-up Black Labrador Puppy Pet Collar Canine Mixed-breed Dog Ear
what great adventure lies ahead today, I wonder. Pompis Grass Landscapes EyeEm Selects Close-up Plant
hiya darling.. Goat Barn Hay EyeEm Selects Pets Close-up Panting Animal Tongue Animal Mouth Animal Nose
awe, does this feel good? Goat EyeEm Selects Human Hand City Occupation Close-up Checking The Time Wristwatch Bracelet Jewellery Time
And I shall call you Wilbur! Piggy EyeEm Selects Water Agriculture Rural Scene Hay Animal Themes Close-up Grass Livestock Livestock Tag Cage Barn Domesticated Animal Tag Captivity Animal Pen Stable Haystack
days gone by Old-fashioned Car Retro Styled Collector's Car Vintage Car Deterioration Obsolete
may we all EyeEm Selects Water Sunset Cable Rural Scene Silhouette Complexity Flying Telephone Line Backgrounds Sky Power Line  Reed - Grass Family Power Cable Marram Grass Cattail Electricity  Wire
this sign is for you. EyeEm Selects Tree Road Sign Sunset Silhouette Sky Cloud - Sky Directional Sign Street Name Sign Sign Arrow Sign Traffic Arrow Sign Arrow Symbol Arrow
this is the coolest place ever! EyeEm Selects Water Child Portrait Blond Hair Sea Smiling Beach Happiness Boys Childhood Wet Hair Tangled Hair Gap Toothed Tousled Hair Beach Holiday Nose Shore
there is what in this lake?! EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Water Sea Portrait Child Beach Smiling Happiness Cheerful Front View Sticking Out Tongue Panting Tousled Hair Hair Toss Children Wet Hair Tangled Hair Human Tongue
I think I like it here. EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Child Sitting Portrait Childhood Water Full Length Beach Front View Posing Horizon Over Water Human Knee Joint - Body Part Calm Thoughtful Wave Shore Human Joint Cramp Groyne
where ya at mom? EyeEm Selects Blond Hair Portrait Clear Sky Blue Happiness Summer Child Front View Smiling Hair Toss Tousled Hair Tangled Hair Head Back Thoughtful Natural Beauty Teenagers Only One Teenage Boy Only Adolescence  Only Teenage Boys Caucasian Toothy Smile Family Bonds Posing Gap Toothed Children
morning showers EyeEm Selects Flower Head Flower Water Close-up Grass Plant In Bloom Pollen Botany Petal Flowering Plant Wildflower Bud Blooming Stamen Blossom Plant Life Single Flower Daisy
I wonder if it is cold? EyeEm Selects Back Human Back Blond Hair Tree Standing Rear View Waist Up Sky Hiker Shore Thoughtful Hands In Pockets Walking Friend Countryside Water Sport Wearing
stairway to where? EyeEm Selects Water Beach Sand Sand Dune Sunlight Backgrounds Close-up Calm Textured  Tranquil Scene Rippled Waterfront Sandy Beach Horizon Over Water Shore Lakeside Standing Water Mid Distance Tranquility Rugged Rough Countryside Refraction Wave
from a different perspective EyeEm Selects Tree City Branch Illuminated Street Light Sky Architecture Office Building Building Exterior Tall - High Building Exterior
amazing colors by the great artist. EyeEm Selects Technology Electricity Pylon Telephone Line Sunset Tree Electricity  Cable Fuel And Power Generation Silhouette Road Sign Telephone Pole Power Cable Power Line  Power Supply Electrical Grid Girder Oxfordshire Power Station Cooling Tower Hydroelectric Power Solar Power Station Parallel Romantic Sky Dramatic Sky Office Building High Voltage Sign
by the old lamppost. EyeEm Selects Illuminated Lantern Hanging Tree City Lighting Equipment Close-up Electricity  Decoration Gas Light Street Light Representing Energy Efficient Lightbulb Bulb Electric Light Filament Power Line  Light Bulb Electricity Tower Electricity Pylon Electric Bulb Power Supply Electric Pole Energy Efficient Pendant Light
you belong among the wildflowers Flower Head Flower Purple Herbal Medicine Close-up Plant Wildflower Lavender Plant Life Stamen In Bloom Uncultivated Botany Blossom Pollen Lavender Colored Pistil
a warm afternoon Perfume Flower Jar Table Bottle Close-up Pitcher - Jug Pepper - Seasoning Salt - Seasoning Lavender Colored Wisteria Seasoning Salted Black Peppercorn Mason Jar Lavender Perfume Sprayer Pepper Shaker Pour Spout
looking up ahead. Rural Scene Agriculture Field Sunset Protection Sky Grass Landscape Locked Gate Fence Boundary Barbed Wire Padlock Picket Fence
first signs of spring Summer Exploratorium Flower Head Flower Tree Springtime Branch Backgrounds Scented Petal Purple Full Frame Lavender Colored Plant Life Botany In Bloom Blossom Blooming Apple Blossom Pistil Flowering Plant Lavender Pollen
The mountains of home Tree Sunset Bare Tree Agriculture Rural Scene Field Sky Grass Landscape Calm Fence Scenics Growing Idyllic Young Plant Razor Wire Chainlink Paddock Chainlink Fence Barbed Wire Tranquil Scene Tranquility
through the trees, do we all see. Tree Branch Water Plant Close-up Green Color Countryside Foreground Green Young Plant Farmland Country House Greenery Dead Tree Woods Hazy
the trees see. Tree Forest Tree Trunk Branch Lush - Description Grass Landscape Sky Green Color Trunk Needle - Plant Part Woods WoodLand Dense Sightseeing Sunrays Pathway Foliage Flora Spring Bare Tree Tree Area Pine Woodland
redbud blooms EyeEm Selects Flower Head Tree Flower Branch Springtime Blossom Plum Blossom Botany Close-up Sky Fruit Tree Twig In Bloom Pistil Stamen Blooming
The old Ideal bread factory EyeEm Selects Clock Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Closed Door Entryway Instrument Of Time Clock Hand Second Hand Clock Face Entrance Door Door Handle Front Door Latch Number 12 Pocket Watch Open Door Roman Numeral Minute Hand Wall Clock Hour Hand
Hiya Rosie! Window Washer Men Occupation Working Full Length Building Exterior Worker Umbrella Barbed Wire Incomplete Construction Architectural Style Urban Scenery Construction Site
puppies! EyeEm Selects Human Hand Pets Friendship Men Dog Puppy Black Color Portrait Holding Black Labrador Lap Dog Labrador Retriever Bulldog
mama guarding her baby. Pets Portrait Dog Retriever Close-up Pit Bull Terrier Canine Panting Carnivora Animal Tongue Protruding Bulldog Purebred Dog Sticking Out Tongue
burning up the end of the day. Evening Glow Nightfall Sunset Burning Sky Trees And Sky Clouds And Sky Colors
the sun, burning it's last rays of the day. Tree Branch Sunset Bare Tree Flower Rural Scene Silhouette Springtime Multi Colored Sky Idyllic Sky Only Tranquility Foggy Pastel Colored Rocky Mountains Countryside Shore Lakeside Remote Calm Non-urban Scene Single Tree Treetop Tranquil Scene Scenics
cloudnados. Bird Flock Of Birds Flying Large Group Of Animals Animals In The Wild Animal Themes Animal Wildlife Internet Day Technology No People Nature Blue Sky Cloud - Sky Low Angle View Mid-air Migrating Togetherness Silhouette
eye on the sky Mobility In Mega Cities Cloud - Sky Sky Nature Low Angle View Tree Growth Outdoors Pinaceae Freshness No People Beauty In Nature Plant Day Forest Blue
sunset in suburbia Mobility In Mega Cities Cloud - Sky No People Sky Sunset Outdoors Travel Destinations Water Nature Day City
nice advertisment Mobility In Mega Cities Text No People Day Outdoors Close-up
Happy Valentine's day to you! EyeEm Selects Blue Red Textile Indoors  Flower No People Close-up Day
beautiful skys Sky And Clouds Blue Sky Clouds And Sky Colors
the boys in the snow Tree Casual Clothing Teenager Portrait Togetherness Standing Looking At Camera Front View Smiling Full Length People Day Happiness Friendship Adult Young Adult Tree Trunk Outdoors
sunset on a big tree Tree Sky Bare Tree Day Low Angle View Branch Cloud - Sky Beauty In Nature No People Outdoors Nature Silhouette
peace little sis EyeEm Selects Human Body Part One Man Only One Person Shirtless Front View Human Hand Adults Only Day Indoors  Close-up Young Adult Adult People Only Men Human Face
snow! EyeEm Selects Snow Winter Outdoors Cold Temperature High Angle View Day Nature No People Sky Animal Themes Mammal
winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland EyeEm Selects Snow Winter Cold Temperature Tree Nature Outdoors Landscape No People Day Mountain Sky
Paradise by the Dashboard Lights EyeEm Selects Control Panel Control Dashboard No People Air Vehicle Indoors  Technology Airplane Day Gauge Speedometer Close-up Cockpit Aerospace Industry
Ash kitty having lunch. Shades Of Winter One Animal Pets Animal Themes Mammal Domestic Animals No People Winter Snow Dog Day Close-up Outdoors Nature