16 years old and currently doing photography at A-level so I'd really appreciate feedback!
London Red Bus Colour Splash
Beachhuts Colours
Windmill B&w
One of my most successful photos using a slow shutter speed👏🏼
Negative exposure compensation Beach Waves
Experimenting with slow shutter speed! Light Washing Line
Sky looks pretty Blue Getting Dark
Share Your Adventure Hot Day Blue Sea
Nature photography is my favourite🌳🌿 Spikes Plant
Natural Pattern Green
Daisy Alone Vibrant Yellow Green Grass
Colours Leaves Rainy Day Shapes
Day out in London❤️ St Paul's Cathedral
Patterns Windows Reflection
Bridge Thames
St Pauls Cathedral London Trees
Ice Sharp Blue
Cave Sea Blue Holiday
Pier Sea Holiday Leading Lines
Rock Sea Scenery
Pets Sunlight Eyes Doglife
Boat journey Boats Sea And Sky
Holiday throwback☀️☀️ Beach Sunny
Mushrooms Fungi Textured  Close-up
Microscopic photography Microscope Red Parasite
Icy❄️ Cold Days Vignette First Eyeem Photo