I love Jesus, Noita, coffee, most music. Pinas Food. Ireland. Every day of life is a gift from God. LG G5 iPhone 6s.
Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas IPhone 6s IPhoneography
Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas IPhone 6s Las Vegas IPhoneography
Lamb Tacos at Cous Cous Mediterranean Cafe Fremont Street Experience Fremont Street Experience IPhone 6s IPhoneography Iphone6s
Too true. Some folks don't have a green thumb. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Commonsense Wisdom Gardening Flowers Instaflowers
Who remembers this? Philppines Piso Instadaily Instagram Instapic Instacoin Nolstalgic Coin Filipino
I think I'll stop eating chocolate soft-serve. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instafood Icecream Snowman InstaIceCream Chocolate Instachocolate
That's right!
Ha! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Grammer Santa Funny
Wear your colors with pride, let the whole world know! Form support clubs! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Instapoop Funny Humor
As a former Walmart employee, I can identify with this. I would cashier at the front lanes at night, there were only a few lanes open and I would be told to close my lane. Dolks would get mad. I couldn't help it, had to follow instructions. Didn't like it, but no choice. Walmart Shopping Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instawalmart Instasayings
Most of a bottle of banana ketchup. Too bad Instagram makes you crop your shots. EyeEm doesn't. You can post the whole pic on EyeEm. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instafood Filipino Bananaketchup Ketchep Pinoy Condiment
Kind of the tickets that say "Keep This Ticket". I've got a drawer full of them! Not. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instapost Post Facebook Funny
This is in one of the offices where I live. Sometimes I want to ask if it's a physical or mental state. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Lunch Stateofbeing RealityCheck
Android Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instaandroid Green
My SGS3 & my LG Envy 9800. What a difference! The Envy was considered big in ir day. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instaandroid InstaLg Instaphone Android Verizon Boostmobile
GoGo Squeez! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instafood Apple Instaapple Juice
Lunch at the nursing home. Whole kernel corn, rice, bun & some kind of meat. Food Lunch Instadaily Instagram Instafood Nursinghome Instapic Instalunch
Don't forget to turn your clocks back this Sunday November 2 2014. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings DST DaylightSavingsTime
Who remembers these growing up in the 70s? Retro Food Instapic Instagram Instafood Instadaily Instasnack Oldschool 70s Fun Pudding Hunt 's Childhood
Hey look ma, pickled cucumber slices! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instafood Pickle InstaPickle Dinner Instadinner
Key Lime Pie or so we're told. Instagram Instafood Nursinghome Instapic Instadaily Food Instafood Pie Instapie
I've heard of public restrooms, but this is ridiculous. I'd have to give a resounding NO! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Public Dumb  Restroom Instapotty Instatoilet Stupid Privacy
Word. Christianity isn't about membership or works, but relationship with God - Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible and no other book. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Christianity Jesus God Truth "instafood " sweets "food "Instagram " instadaily "instasweet
Having grilled cheese sandwiches and quartered pickled cucumbers for dinner. "Instafood "food "instadinner "instapic " Instagram
Coffee! "instacoffee Instadaily Instagram Instadrink Instapic Coffee
Happy 4th of July folks! May Jesus bless you.
This column isn't going anywhere. Instapic Instagram Instadaily USVets Lasvegas
Birddog! Can you imagine being a cat and one of these was flying toward you barking? Bird Dog Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instapet Funny Pets
Instafood Instapic Instadaily Chips Lasvegas Snacks Cappuccino Instasnacks
Fish, rice, and Datu Puti. What more could you want? 😎 Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instafood Instafish Datuputi Filipino Filipinofood Food Lasvegas
True! Instapic Instadaily Instagram Funny Truth Marriage  Wife
I prefer B. Instadaily Instagram Instapic Instafunny Debate Bathroom
My latest acquisition. Maybe God's softening my heart. I'm still a major Android fan. But it wouldn't hurt to learn different tech. Iphone4 Instagram Instapic Instadaily Instaphone Instaiphone
Faith is always better than sorrow or worry. Faith Christian Christianity Instapic Instagram Instasayings Instadaily InstaQuotes Hope Life
2Ch 7:14 14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (ESV) Faith Christianity America Christian Instapic Instadaily Bible BIBLEVERSE Unitedstates God Freedom
Word. Cymera Tootsieroll Candy Sweet Instadaily Instagram Instapic Instasweet Instacandy
Not sure I'd want one of these. Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instapotty Funny Gross Potty
I had this issue maaaany years ago. Instapic Instagram Instacomic Comics Superman Spiderman
A word to the wise. Instapic Instadaily Instapotty Instagram Instaclean Wisdom Cleanliness
Caprese Salad shot with the Paper Camera app on the ZTE ZMAX. Comic Boom effect Food Instapic Instagram Instasalad Instafood Android Phonepics
Too bad Instagram makes you crop pics. EyeEm doesn't. Instacomic Instabatman Batman Hulk Instahulk Comicbook Comics
Back when comics actually had intellectual stimulation instead of the "eye candy" that's out today. Comics Instacomic Instadaily Instagram Comicbook Nostalgia
Cymeraitem M &Mstore Vegas  Strip Magnet
I borrowed this pic from another user. My new phone. Ztezmax Ztezmaxz970 Instapic Instagram Instadaily Instazmax
Nostalgic Carl's Jr menu. Carlsjr Fastfood Instapic Instagram Menus Oldschool
Zte Ztezmax Ztezmaxz970 Phone Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instazmax
One of my favorite Tech Blogs. Cnet Technology Instapic Instagram Internet Blog Instablog
Kind of reminds me of the movie Rat Race when they went to the "Barbie" Museum. Not exactly what they were expecting. Disney Disneyonice Funny Instafunny Instapic Instadaily Instagram
RealityCheck Instapic Instadaily Instagram Instasayings InstaQuotes Funny Sad