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“You’re still the one I run to. The one that I belong to. You’re still the one I want for life.” :)
"thats the thing about pain...The pain needs to be felt" Every1 one should have true love and it should last atleast till life does! TFioS ?
I will no longer allow the negative things in my life to spoil all of the good things I have. I choose to be happy. ?
Morning peeps! ? Selfie Selfiesunday Bored Selfiefever
Good hair day ? Selfie Selfiefever Goodhairday Perfecthairday love
I CANT BREATHE DAMN JUSTIN Justinbieber Hot Hot Hot imsodead
Boys, do this when she's mad ???
Felfieee ! ? Selfie Retrica Hair Love selfiefevergoodhairdayoldpicture
I'm going to kidnap him and hide him in da basement yaa man ??? Justinbieber Hot Hotness Cutie love
I really believe you are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. ? Togetherforever Forevermine Us
How i feel about @swatej_11 ?
My babbbyyyy ? Forevermine ? Justinbieber Cutie Mine
Christopher ?
The best part about being in-love is when you just love a person & you are happy about it. Even if that person can never be yours forever, even if you know it can’t last forever. That’s the true essence of love It’s not about winning someone & it’s not about owning a relationship. It’s about being happy because you know you’ve loved someone & it’s about being guiltless because you know that you didn’t take away someone from anybody. You just loved, and loved unselfishly. :')
A relationship like this ?? Relationshipgoals
Boyys, Take notes ???
??? Life F21xme F21 Love
I miss you both ?????????
Haaappiness Happiness F21 Forever21 Love f21xme
????????? lmfao
? So if he has helped you through the worst, been there for you through heaven and hell, done as much as he could to support you and your decisions, he's STILL done NOTHING for you unless he marries you? ? lmao
Them brown eyes and that smile , Boy Im a fool for that ? ?
Open Your Eyes For Amnesty International
Haha aww :') Salmankhan
Wish i had a beautiful face ????
My boy ?????????? Lovehimsooooooooooooomuch ?
Bored Selfie Selfiefever
TFioS Thefaultinourstars
Finalllyyyyy ???
Class. ?? Davidbeckham Class
Happiness ? Beinghuman
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