Gareth Mallon

The trick is to take a photo of something that no one has taken before. I believe that photography is 30% skill and 70% luck.
Gareth Mallon
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Close-up portrait of a rabbit on field
Close-up of a turtle swimming in lake
Full length of girl standing on street
High angle view of fishes swimming in lake
Silhouette tree by lake against sky during sunset
Information sign on beach against clear sky
Close-up of cat
Scenic view of sea against clear sky
Close-up of butterfly
Close-up of mushroom growing on field against sky
Close-up of yellow arrow sign
Close-up of food in water
Man walking on bridge in city against sky
Bird perching on brick wall
Train on railroad track against sky
Road by building in city against sky
People on beach against sky
Low angle view of built structure against blue sky
Low angle view of clothespins hanging against blue sky
Close-up portrait of cat
Close-up of flowers in vase
Close-up of bee on white flower
Close-up portrait of lion
Scenic view of soccer field in park
Vintage car on street
Close-up view of brick wall
Lifeguard hut on beach against sky
Close-up of horse
Close-up of text on boat
Information sign on grass
Man using mobile phone
House by trees against sky
Low angle view of built structure against blue sky
Dog standing in water
High angle view of seashells on beach
Low angle view of silhouette built structure against sky
Rear view of man working
Close-up of yellow arrow symbol on road
Low angle view of blue sky
Seats in bus
Full frame shot of sand
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up of computer keyboard
Close-up of jellyfish against black background
High angle view of woman walking in forest
Close-up of arrow symbol on boat
Close-up portrait of cat sitting
Text on beach
Close-up of text
Man standing on beach against clear sky
Overhead cable car against sky
Girl wearing hat
Close-up portrait of white bird
Low angle view of silhouette electricity pylon against sky
Aerial view of snow
Close-up of black horse
Scenic view of water against sky
Close up of objects
Close-up of man playing guitar
View of built structure
Horse cart on sand
Low section of man on beach against sky
Train on railway bridge
Railroad station platform
View of railroad station against sky
Information sign on entrance of building
Rear view of a man walking in front of christmas
View of grass
Man feeding horse
Illuminated city at night
Close-up of tiled floor
Close-up of information sign in city at night
Lifeguard hut by sea against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Man surfing on beach against sky
Man with text
Close-up of fishing net
Graffiti on wall
Railing by bridge against sky
Close-up of boy
Close-up view of leaf
Built structure on field against sky at sunset
Low angle view of sky
Burning against sky
Close-up of flower
Close-up of ferris wheel against sky at night