Raden Gardiaputra


Colour, texture, flavour
Stealth Makro Photo Macro_collection Makro Photography Gantzignature
Embun di atas benalu Macro_collection Makrografie Makro Photo Gantzignature
Carita beach Beach Relaxing Gantzignature Landscape
Nikon coolpix l820, perfect for broad daylight travel photography.. Great value, decent features, nice for makro
Simple me Hijab Hijabers Likejilbab Gantzignature
Whats left is only strong mind Black And White Portrait EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Potraiture Gantzignature
Texture Textures Nature Textures
Stranded Check This Out Gantzignature Model Potraiture
Black widow Cosplay Braga Gantzignature
Gantzignature Model
Cosplay Gantzignature
Cosplay Gantzignature
Cosplay Bandung Braga Gantzignature
Relaxing Travel Photography Indonesia_allshots Gantzignature
Kawah putih from above.. Ngga sia2 ngos2an Mobilephotography Travel Photography Indonesia_allshots Gantzignature
Before departure Macro_collection Naturelovers Eye4photography  Indonesia_allshots
Indonesian girl Indonesia_allshots Gantzignature Beautiful Potraiture
Citambur waterfall, ciwidey-cianjur Gantzignature Indonesia_allshots Travel Photography Landscape
Lochness of tidung Xp Tidung Island Afterglow Seascape Indonesia_allshots
Tranquility under Tidung Island Snorkelling Indonesia_allshots Travel Photography
Tidung Island Afterglow Sunsetporn Indonesia_allshots
Going back home.. Tidung Island Indonesia_allshots Sunsetporn Travel Photography
Nationalism at borderland Flags Borders Indonesia_allshots Gantzignature
One day, someday... Boats Eye4photography  Gantzignature Travel Photography
Somedude Candid Sneak Shot Gantzignature Potraiture
Thats me, so i didnt take the picture.. Credit goes to the photographer Indonesia_allshots Karimunjawa Gantzignature Travel Photography
Just two hours away from Bandung Ciwidey Bandung Landscape_Collection Travel Photography
Karimunjawa Beach Gantzignature Travel Photography
Karimunjawa Beach Gantzignature Travel Photography
Karimunjawa Pantai Gantzignature Travel Photography
Praying Hijab Moslem Gantzignature
Praying Moslem Gantzignature Eye4photography
Colorsplash Colorsplash Colors Rain Eye4photography
Silver rain Silver  Rain Gantzignature Eye4photography
Rain Naturelovers Gantzignature Eye4photography
Cabin Villa Gantzignature Eye4photography
Tea Ocha Gantzignature Eye4photography  afternoon tea..
Prewedding Gantzignature Eye4photography
Bright sunday Potraiture Igonly Gantzignature Eye4photography
Warm welcome House Doors Gantzignature Eye4photography
Old radio Vintage Gantzignature . Eye4photography  Old
Animals Eye4photography  Gantzignature Potraiture
Igonly Indonesia_allshots Eye4photography  Potraiture
Maghrib at batu, malang Taking Photos
Batik madura Batik Indonesia_allshots Eye4photography  Taking Photos
Prewed Guntar Temmy Taking Photos Eye4photography  Prewedding
Stranded. Landscape_Collection Taking Photos Eye4photography
Kota batu, Taking Photos Check This Out