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I Trusted You, But Now Your Words Mean NOTHING TO ME, Because Your Actions Spoke The Truth. I've Let Go, I Moved On. I Tried To Hold Onto What I Thought We Had. But Life Is Short. I Didnt Stop Loving You. I Stopped Waiting Around. Don't Be Mad Because I D
Bout To Go To Sleep!
I've Been Heartbroken, Stumbled Over So Many Times, Gaven Up But Came Bak Up & Got Stronqerr...♥ ^_^#Stonger#Wiser#SkinALilBitThicker
Red LipStick! Classy But Sexyy Rocking The Lipstick
Gorgeous Me <3 #Pretty In Pink #In Love! # Sexy By Casual.!
Taking Photos
Ayyyy Chikitito <3
Having Fun Clubbing Tipsy My 21st Bday
Hanging Out Mirror Clubbing Gettin Tipsy
Simple Me(: