"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted." My simple mobile shots, reflects my personality....
City Skyline Buildings Cituscape Hongkongcity
Historical Building Monochrome Architecture
Black & White Symmetryporn Architecture
Mobile Photography Symmetry Architecture Historic
Mobile Photography Sunset Colorful HongKong Colour Of Life
After 6pm at Harbour City, Kowloon HK Mobile Photography Sunset Silhouettes Hanging Out Colour Of Life Simplicity Beautiful
Harbour City Mobile Photography Travel HongKong Cityscape
That's Me Black & White
Giving a life, waking up the sleepy nerves... ;) Colour Of Life Espresso Shot Blueberry Cheesecake Yummylicious Mobile Photography
Colour Of Life Food Photography Avocado Mobile Photography Emotions
Color of Life Rose Petals Colour Of Life Mobile Photography Petal_perfection
Close-up Shot Denim Shorts American Eagle Outfitters That's Me Relaxing
Check This Out Shell Beach Taking Photos Mobile Photography Eeyem New In Eeyem Close-up Shot Sand Macro
Refreshing DewShots Relaxing Drinks On The Beach Enjoying Life Mobile Photography Eeyem New In Eeyem Emotions Captured
Taste of Summer Relaxing Beach Time Enjoying Life Mobile Photography Summerscent Eeyem New In Eeyem Colorful Food Strawberry Cake
Victoria Bay Hongkong Feel The Journey Travel Black & White Eeyem New In Eeyem Mobile Photography
Street Photography Urban Reflections In The Water Mobile Photography Abstractarchitecture
Happy weekend! *.* Beautiful Day Pink Orchids Beautiful Colorful Lush Macrophone Mobile Photography Close-up Shot
Reminiscing... Last Fall.. Fall2015 FallFlowers Mobile Photography Street Deepestemotions Details Textures And Shapes
Essence of Summer Colorful Flower Macrophone Mobile Photography Deepestemotions Beautiful EeYem Best Shots Details Textures And Shapes
Lush Deepest Emotions Rose🌹 My Soft Side Beautiful Day Macrophone Eeyem2016snapped Textures Sweet♡
Hello from the other side *.* Flower Power Beautiful Day Park Life Mobile Photography My Soft Side
Freedom to both. My Tough Side Padlocks Mobile Photography Nature EeYem Best Shots Rust Urban Decay Macrophone
I Love Rusty Things Urban Decay Padlock Rust Abstract Rustic Beauty EeYem Best Shots with Mobile Photography Nature No Filter My Tough Side
Tough side of me Urban Decay Rust Chain Padlock Mobile Photography Eeyem2016snapped Black & White I Love Rusty Things My Tough Side
At The Bridge Check This Out Rustic Beauty Lock Hdr_Collection Taking Photos Mobile Photography Urban Decay
My Tough Side.... Rustic Beauty Chain Abstract Urban Photography Eeyem2016snapped Mobile Photography
Exchange Square Low Angle View Eeyem2016snapped Mobile Photography Architectural Feature The Architect
Mobile Photography Hongkongstreet Black And White Urban Lifestyle Oldbuildings Eeyem2016snapped My Commute Red Carspotting
Victoria Bay Taking Photos Candid Shot Black And White Hanging Out Tourist Attraction  Hello World Mobile Photography
Victoria Bay, Hong Kong Check This Out Found On The Roll Tourist Attraction  Cityscape Oldphoto Twilight Scene
My fave cars in Hongkong ! ;) Taking Photos My Commute Eeyemgallery Eeyem Travel Urban Lifestyle Mobile Photography HongKong EeYem Best Shots Eeyem2016snapped People Feel The Journey
Fashionable Tram My Commute Tramcars Streetphotography In Hongkong Quick Shot Mobile Photography Eeyem2016snapped
KCR, Hongkong My CommuteMobilephotography Train People Black & White Traveller Taking Photos Abstract Photography
Black And White Streetphotography Urban Escape Cars Taking Photos Eyeemhongkong
Street Photography Urban Lifestyle Mobilephotography Hongkongstreet My Commute
Ride with me ;) Harleydavidson Bike Blackandwhite Photography Taking Photos Red
Addicted to you... Relaxing Hanging Out Eeyemhongkong Cappuccino ♥ Addiction Deepestemotions
My Art, My Fantasy.. Surrealism And Fantasy Art ColorfulStairs & Shadows Double Exposure Naturelover Nature Deepestemotions Eeyemhongkong
Sweet Memories Sunset_collection Mobilephotography Deepestemotions Surrealism And Fantasy Art
Thanks God, it's weekend ! \(^o^)/ Taking Photos Hello World Hanging Out Sunset_collection Mobilephotography
Red Taxis Mobilephotography Colorsplash High_Angle Quicksnap Urban Street Photography
Double Decker Bus HongKongStreet Photography Blackandwhite Bigbus Urban Quicksnap
Mobilephotography Street Photography Colorsplash Abstract
Street Photography Tramcars Urban Travel Cars HongKong
One of my fave to ride in Hongkong Tramcars Capture The Moment Street Photography Urban Lifestyle Blackandwhite Mobilephotography My Commute
Hongkong Cities At Night Mobilephotography Street Photography Tramcars People Walking  Capture The Moment
Hongkong Cities At Night Mobilephotography
Historic Boat HongKong Cityscape Found On The Roll Travel Enjoying Life Blackandwhite Cityskyline
Dukling Historic Boat Mobilephotography Enjoying Life Hello World Found On The Roll HongKong Travel Cityscape
Original. No Filter Mobilephotography Found On The Roll Cityskyline HongKong Sunset_collection Perfectimperfections
Blazing Cloudporn Skyline Mobilephotography Sunset_collection Hello World Found On The Rollmy one year old snap.
Rainy afternoon Taking Photos Raindrops Are Diamonds Macroporn Mobilephotography Urban Street Light
Victoria Bay Hongkong Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World Capture The Moment Mobilephotography Sunset_collection Travel WOW
Keep Breathing Relaxing Taking Photos Mobilephotography Sunset_collection Deepestemotions Capture The Moment Philippines Photos Silhouettes Of Trees
I adore you... Hello World Capture The Moment Deepestemotions Sunset_collection Mobilephotography
"Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn." Quotesaboutlife Deepestemotions Mobilephotography Found On The Roll Sunset_collection Nature_collection Capture The Moment
Color of SunsetTaking Photos Mobilephotography HongKong Cityskyline Capture The Moment
Good evening Eeyem! Hongkongphotography MobilephotographySunset Night Photography Taking Photos Cityskyline Cityscape Found On The Roll Capture The Moment
View from my house Philippines Photos Mobilephotography Blackandwhite Nature Lover Silhouettes Of Trees Emotions
Photography Capture The Moment Abstract Travel Cloudporn Found On The Roll
First Eyem PhotoPhotography Travel Cloudporn First Eyeem Photo Found On The Roll Abstract