I'm from Hanoi - Vietnam
Welcome to Mordor Light Expired Film Fujisuperia800 Analogue Photography Film Photography Analog Film Fog Street Red Architecture No People Low Angle View Night
Sometimes the street of hanoi surprises you with nice cars Analogue Photography Hanoi Agfa Vista200 Nikonf2 Film Photography Film Car Transportation Built Structure Mode Of Transport City Street City Road
Barbershop at midnight Barbershop Midnight Street Vietnam Hanoi Rangefinder Canon P Fuji Superia X-tra 800 35mm Film Analogue Photography Film Photography Film Night No People Red Neon
After Kong- Skull Island was filmed, they kept the set up. Anyone wanna have a chance to photograph the “tribe” should totally visit this place. But don’t keep your expectation high, there’s no filmic effect like in the movie, you gotta make it yourself. Shot with my new Nikon F2 and Agfa Vista 200, probably the best cheapest color film Red 35mm Film Tribe Village Vietnam Ninh Bình Agfa Vista200 Nikon F2 Analogue Photography Film Photography Film People Portrait Men
I totally forgot about EyeEm, lately i’ve been experiencing more film, always excited to go shoot more. This photo was taken using an expired film - Fuji Superia X-Tra 800. I found this film extremely useful and cheap alternative to the pricey portra 800. It renders the red and blue quite nicely, could be also because of the film was expired. Fog Skyscraper Building Red Expired Film Fuji Superia X-tra 800 Canon P 35mm Film Analog Film City Night
My friend also just purchased a film camera so we decided to have a photowalk at night to see how film renders the color of the night. We both had fujicolor c200 loaded so it was pretty challenging due to the low iso. But i’m quite pleased about the outcomes and night watch is always fun. City Night Lights Lifestyles FujicolorC200 Canon P Analogue Photography Film Photography Film Night Nightlife Built Structure
I don’t really understand the caption thing, some people like to caption their photos real deep and most are about life and relationships. So I photographed a tree standing in the heavy fog because I just liked the way it is to my eyes, but anyways feel free to go deep everyone :P NoCaptionNeeded CanonP FujicolorC200 Analog Film Photography Film Tree Nature No People Beauty In Nature Fog Landscape
Inside, outside Film Hasselblad Medium Format Kodak Portra Reflection Candid Analogue Photography Film Photography The Week On EyeEm Editor's Picks
My gf would swing as much and as high as I told her to do just to let me have the best shot. Film Photography Swing Kodak Portra Film Analog Analogue Photography Hasselblad Medium Format Ishootfilm Portrait
It’s always more magical shooting with a medium format no matter how much I enjoy my new canon P. The hasselblad is just another level. Today I received the scans of the 2 new rolls I shot with the Hasselblad about a month ago, i completely forgot about it because i was too into my new toy. But if you are thinking about shooting film, I seriously suggest you shoot both 35mm and 120mm, they are just so different. Hasselblad Film Film Photography Analogue Photography Analog Medium Format Urban City Kodak Portra Filmisnotdead
My photo buddy Linh and I had a walk to the neighborhood by the railway. For those who are planning to visit Hanoi, look for this photogenic place Hanoi Railroad Track Film Film Photography Canon Rangefinder CanonP Fuji Superia 200 Expired Film
The rock trekking Film 35mm Film Analog Canon P Rangefinder Mountain Trekking Rocks Beauty In Nature Fuji Superia 200 Be. Ready.
The water, the mountains and the fog. Taken at Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan, Canon P, film Agfa Vista 200 Film Film Photography Beauty In Nature Blue Lake Mountain Fog CanonP Rangefinder Landscape Analogue Photography 35mm Film Analog
The Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, the agfa 400 film really did shine here Water Nature Beauty In Nature Tranquility Analog Analogue Photography 35mm Film Mountain Taiwan Lake Canon Rangefinder Agfavista400 Light Leak
I recently decided that I also should take 35mm film photos, so I bought a canon P. I wasn’t sure what i was doing, thought all pics would come out terrible, but turned out I managed quite well for the first time using a rangefinder. CanonP Film Rangefinder 35mm Film Architecture Agfa Vista200 Analogue Photography Analog
I have been away for long time and completely forgot about EyeEm 😁 Being in Taiwan for almost a week, I say it is not a place you can visit once, definitely will come back again. Taiwan Travel Bridge Umbrella Rain People Travel Destinations Countryside
A double exposure picture made with my Hasselblad . I had no idea how it would come out until I received the scan from lab. I was surprised by my own pic and totally happy with the result. That’s what J love about film photography, you never know what you are gonna get. There’s always a mistery behind every shot. Film Analogue Photography Double Exposure People Portrait Second Acts Be. Ready.
Dress Field Growth Lost In The Landscape Red Tea Farm Tranquility Vietnam Agriculture Beauty In Nature Landscape Portrait Travel Destinations Be. Ready.
Sea crreature Film Film Photography Sea Sunset Silhouette Sky Haselblad Medium Format Kodak Ektar 100 Tranquility Lost In The Landscape
Binh Lieu - Vietnam :) peaceful and beautiful Lost In The Landscape Water Mountain Countryside Nature Vietnam Tranquility
Lost In The Landscape Forest Girl Trees Nature Portrait Be. Ready.
Celebrating Nikon's anniversary, I also would like to share some of the photos I took with my previous D7100. This is a photo I took during a photoshoot with a friend with cool graffiti wall. I still remember making her jump a lot ! Architecture Graffiti Growth Newcastle Upon Tyne Nikon Paint The Town Yellow Wall Art Colorful England Jumping Painting
One of my landscape shots taken a while ago :) For me probably simplicity is what i'm mostly looking for every time I take photos Bournemouth Paint The Town Yellow Silhouette Wave Cloud - Sky England Landscape Minimalism Sea Simplicity Sky Sunset Water Lost In The Landscape
It was a really hot island, but who cares, we were surrounded by the sea Film Film Photography Hasselblad Medium Format Sea Nature Summer Tranquility Cloud - Sky Lost In The Landscape
I saw this dog sitting on the sand while enjoying sunset, couldn't help it, i had to take picture of him Film Film Photography Filmisnotdead Ishootfilm Hasselblad Medium Format Analog Sunset Sea Dog Animal Pet Portraits Beach Silhouette
After some time of shooting with film, i realized why people love it so much. It's all about the exciment of not knowing what exactly what you get after each shot, then nervously waiting for few days then finally you see the results and all the sweat you had turns into happiness Hasselblad Film Film Photography Sunset Sea Sky Tranquility The Week On EyeEm Silhouette Water Cloud - Sky Seascape Landscape Kodak Ektar 100 Medium Format Lost In The Landscape
We visisted Phu Quoc island and took a lot of photos with my hasselblad, i took only film camera with me so i was a bit worried about the results. But I'm quite happy with the photos so far Sea Silhouette Sunset Nature Film Film Photography Hasselblad Kodak Ektar 100 Medium Format Water Cloud Sky The Week On EyeEm Lost In The Landscape Be. Ready.
A quick portrait of my girlfriend taken with my hasselblad 🙂 Indoors  Window Film Photography Hasselblad Film The Week On EyeEm Portrait Girl Kodak Portra Analog
This is why I love my hasselblad, it's so much enjoyable, so much emotion, feelings whenever I look into that waist level finder. The Week On EyeEm Film Analog Hasselblad Medium Format Sunset Orange Film Photography
I visited a village near my city. This kid was about to jump into a river below joining his friends. He might not have noticed, there was a river above him too The Week On EyeEm Kids Playful Blue Sky Cloud Silhouette Mix Yourself A Good Time
Red Architecture Sunset Red Lines The Week On EyeEm
I could totally spend longer time in Kuala Lumpur and snap more pics of the cool city. Architecture Clock Towers City Buildings Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Blackandwhite Monochrome
I'm happy with the result of the latest roll I shot with my Hasselblad! I'm in love with the color of Kodak Ektar 100 Film Film Photography Hasselblad Kodak Ektar 100 Sunset Sky Silhouette Lake Summer
Just something you might see everyday in Hanoi :) Hanoi Street Photography Windows Old Old Quarter Sunny Day Architecture
Another sunset shot 🙂 Sunset Sky Water Dusk Lake Hanoi Gridlove
Water music show underneath petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur Silhouette Water Night People Enjoyment Kuala Lumpur Mix Yourself A Good Time Be. Ready. HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark
Exploring the street of Kuala Lumpur. This is a multicultural city, vibrant and definitely a jackpot for street photographers. Architecture Urban Urban Geometry Kuala Lumpur Street Photography Black And White
The butterfly park in Kuala Lumpur is every butterfly shooter's dream. I am just super amateur! Butterfly Beauty In Nature Flowers Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
I have waited whole year for a magical moment like this in Hanoi, once a year it's like you only have one chance to photograph the most dramatic sunset ever. This time it was like giant stormy energy diamond cloud falling into the horizon, the sun lost its own space and exploded, tearing apart everything in its way. I could even feel a strong wind where i was standing. Landscape Sky Sunset Nature Water Dramatic Sky Hanoi Lake The Week On EyeEm
This is taken today at sunset, shot with my hasselblad. After i finsihed the roll i imediately ran to a lab even it was so late for anything (8pm). I thought i would have waited at least til morning but when i checked, they already sent the photos my emails! Amazing service. The cloud today was phenomenal, beautiful and dramatic, too bad i only had 2 shots left so I couldnt capture more of it with my film camera, but I did with my digital one. So guys if you are the kinda person who always forgets to stock more film rolls in your bag, do carry your digital camera with you lol Sky Water Cloud Sunset Film Film Photography Hasselblad FUJi PRO160NS Filmisnotdead Hanoi Lake
Happiness is when you look at the finder then decide to fire, then advance the film and ready for next shot Ishootfilm Hasselblad Medium Format Film Filmcamera Hanoi
The cloud, the building, the shadow of the bats. It's just another late afternoon shot, when the bats were awake and started to go hunting for mosquitos. I wonder where they live in this city. Clouds And Sky Black And White Monochrome Sky Architecture Hanoi Cloud
These workers probably had the best view of the sunset today in Hanoi Sunset Silhouette Construction Workers Hanoi
This flower field in Moc Chau! Landscape Beauty In Nature Flowers Vietnam Countryside
This is just a simple shot of London quick taken with my phone. I didn't have the chance to wonder in this amazing city for longer time. Everytime visited it, i seemed to find my self around the river Thames the most. London Cityscape River Thames EyeEm LOST IN London
That tree in Binh Lieu Bigtree Vietnam Cloudy Landscape Beauty In Nature Nature Green
One just simply can't be tired of blue hour, 5am before sunrise Blue Hour Before Sunrise Neighborhood Hanoi Blue Breathing Space HUAWEI Photo Award: After Dark
At the edge of the north border Vietnam Mountain Fog Beauty In Nature Landscape Nature
I always have a thing for multiple exposure. For me it goes beyond world, moments, reality, time and space. It's sureal, fun, inspiring. I takes a lot of photos, so sometimes I like to put them together. For this one I used a portrait I took of my friend and a landscape photo I took in the north mountain trip last week. Surealism Nature Double Exposure Portrait Forest
I spent so much time looking for "perfect photographs" and forgot how important it is to go out to shoot things that i thought i have been bored to death with. Apparently there's always something i can still photograph. I'm just complaining all the time Architecture Blue Sky Reflection Cloud