Freya Si


18-Bang sean,Thailand 👩🌟TRAVEL,DRAWING,TAKE A PIC,SLEEP💫THAT MOMENT 😁 also blogger sometime
Glasses Being Silly Weird
Taking Photos Smile ✌ That's Me
Buaa Taking Photos Hi!
Enjoying Life Hi!
Check This Out my homework 😅
Taking Notes Studying Today Take A Break
Finished Bag Art Today Doing Homework
Waterfall Check This Out Enjoying Life Kohchang Amazing
Ride a 🐘 Nice Views Mountain Goat Relaxing Take A Break Kohchang Today Holiday Amazing Enjoying Life Check This Out
Hanging Out Holiday Friends Today Kohchang
The man play with Fire Amazing The Places I've Been Today Today Was A Good Day
Vines Kohchangisland Holiday
Enjoying Life Kohchangisland That's Me Today :) Firstday
Today :) Drawing Hand
Drawing Today :) Check This Out
Check This Out Drawing Today :) Twins
Check This Out Doing Homework Drawing
Check This Out Today :) Drawing Doing Homework 5 am im so sleepy
Songkran Festival so i stay at home 😂😭😫 Hi! That's Me
Taking Photos Cat 🏡 see you bang sean
Hi! That's Me Today :) get ready to go home 😝✌️
Ee Hi!
Drawing Check This Out Anatomy 😅😂
That's Me Rainy Days 💫
Berry Cake Cafe
Dessert Strawberry Lovely
Im so tried,just want some cake to make me feel better 💫 Doing Homework Drawing Today :) Human
ไม่โตไปกว่านี้แล้ว👧 That's Me Glasses
Enjoying Life 💗
พี่ก๋วยเตี๋ยว 🍜💕 Taking Photos
Doing Homework ☺️
Glasses That's Me 💫😛
Cotton candy 🍦🍭 ทะลุจ้า กระดาษมีแผ่นเดียว Being Creative Arts Learning First Time
What im waiting for? Daydreaming Taking Notes
Taking Photos 🎧🎶
We love strawburry soda 🍹 Enjoying Life Relaxing
My little cute 🌲🌳🌱 Hello World Lovely
👌 That's Me Hello World
Drawing Today :) mr.bone 💀💋
Homework Human Drawing 😂😅
RePicture Friendship Today :) 👭👭👭
That's Me หนวด 🌚💫
Dye my hair 👀 Enjoying Life That's Me
Memories Onedirection OTRAtourBKKThailand2015 😭
Lost mine 😭 Daydreaming
🌸 Flowers
👭 Twins
Cat eyes 💁 First Eyeem Photo Hello World