I'm a man - born and raised in Berlin - sometimes old and sometimes young - quiet - very often fascinated by what I see - there is so much to see.
Waldrand Tree Full Frame Sky Plant
Humble beauty Flower Head Flower Uncultivated Springtime Closing Petal Multi Colored Close-up Plant Blossom Wildflower Plant Life Botany
Structure In The Sky Antennas
Edge Of The Wood Springtime
Mute Swan River Danube
PaddlingDanube River Ulm
Town Wall Handrail  Banister
Magnolia Park Springtime
Grey Goose Family
Willows Hillside
Shed Iron Ring
Reed Shed
Hills Reed
Bach Brook
Quelle  Well
Swans Feeding  Resting Ulm
Swans River Danube Ulm
Waves River Danube Current #water
Snow Roofs Winter Sunset
St. Peter Winter Snow Ulm
Winter Swan Snow
Winter Swan Snow
Winter Snow Man Ulm Danube
Winter Snow Ulm Danube
Winter Snow Ulm Danube
Snow Winter Ulm Danube
Ulm Sculpture Walter Zeischegg Art HfG
Scupture Walter Zeischegg Ulm Hfg #Sinusflaechen
Backlighting Plant
Antique Figurine  Woman
Tree Silhouette Winter Skye sun
Beech Tree Autumn
Art In The City
Ornamental Handrail
Roof Attic Mansard
Tools Gas Burner Asphalt
Team Work Street
Working Precisely
Stunt Kite Wind
Car Park
Windos Roof House
Pavement Granite Iron Street
Stones Sphere
Window Wall Autumn
River Reflection Water
Tomatoes Tableau Kitchen
Dove Bird Nest Wall