Frederic Schmitt


20yo, german. Photos taken with a Samsung S9 At the Moment, Backpacker in Australia.
keep old
EyeEm Best
EyeEm Best
No Stopping
EyeEm Best
EyeEm Best
praque lights
EyeEm Best
mirror mirror
EyeEm Best
EyeEm Best
view EyeEm Best
EyeEm Selects
EyeEm Selects
Sydney CBD City
bin bird EyeEm
house EyeEm
gold leafs
branch at night
Sydney Skyline
When you're out
sunset and the
grūn City House
Dreams of the
skate shoes
Good Morning
building a
another nice
Shall we? The
sunday walk to
whale tail. my
this city is so
Nightsky over
I like how the
grasfield EyeEm
The Field of
Follow me in
tropical city
lane EyeEm
race course
Race Course VIP
light on blue
boats on the
house EyeEm
nighty night
barricade Waves
here comes the
Jane Maw
Do you think
hundredth shot
"beach" Beach
flower power
shadows Autumn
ruin ed City
guess City
pink EyeEm
Where do you
dirty Window
all around me
beauty of a
train station
uhm. dots, dots
b/w rocky beach
lit stairset
sun beams
2guys one
Leuchtturm on
Follow me into
shell No People
sea EyeEm
straight street
tree hill sun
eden Seaside No
Der Steg EyeEm
Come on! We
timber path
seaside EyeEm
Streetart Lane
after rain walk
water falls
"?" No People
high window
aussie flag
broke Broke Old
dark n' light
girl passing by
busy on her way
another guy
guy passing by