Frank Aragon


"...whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."
The church
Creativity just
“I believe that
“Then let us
“Whoever finds
And there he
Passing through
“Riches do not
I will give
This is a view
“He must
“Put your hope
“Then the devil
I had such a
The thing is,
“Be very
We had fun at
“Who among you
Thankful for
I am absolutely
As the sun goes
“We also pray
“He heals the
“So they went
“For he has
It really has
Not sure if I'm
“But as for me,
“Praise God,
“Wake up, my
“For that is
My friend,
“My heart has
“The LORD is my
“You light a
“Because of
“Fear of the
We make up our
“Surely his
This is where
I pray that you
“For I fully
“Therefore let
This promise!
I desire to
“For from his
It's like we
“And Jesus said
#NT75 thanks to
“Thanks be to
Oh my that sky
“And without
“for your love
The park at
“for she said
Got a chance to
I'm not in town
“At this I
I'll keep on,
Here is what
“O Lord, you
“The life of
I know that not
“On the day I
“And let them
“Blessed be the
“When the
Can we just
His Spirit made
We blossom like
You are my
"The Tempter"
“And Solomon,
The life of the
So much that's
For you are my
Your wife will
You will open
The gospel
Looking forward
Overcast all
Jesus replied,
Color & spice
The LORD is
Suddenly, the
A glad heart
Amazing weekend
I will be your
The Lord shall
Light shines in