Franciarina Baron


Yakisobrang sarap kase! Happy tummy with @marcos121795 and Yakisoba Savory Beef :) @fifthsolomon
Chinita kunno. Haha xx
An exhausted day today. Yet, so worth it.
Awake. Blessed
After 3 years and 5 months. Hahahaha. Finally! :) @marcos121795
A long long way to go. <///3
Goto believe in magic ♥
The face, Crescent moon. Hahahaha
Photogenic Zaren. <3
Reviewing for tomorrow's defense. Magdala ng kutsilyo! Depensahan ang thesis! <///3
I still remember the day you gave me this ring. @marcos121795
Groufie with the pinagpuyatang portfolio. Kahit wala ka dito, binuklat nalang namin profile mo para makasama. XD @mawyanniee
I don't care. xx
Oh chinitooooo. Chinitoooo @marcos121795
Why hello there Mr. Sun? Good to see you again.
Yes please. :D
Hi my beloved pimpies. Walang iwanan a? Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan. Wahahaha Nofiltahbeybe
Morning selfie 
Morning selfie
First Eyeem Photo
The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.
Happy 40th monthsary @marcos121795 yun. Stay strong tayo. Wag papadala sa init ng ulo palage. Thank you sa lahat ng effort :) Yown. Hahaha. Basta andito lang ako. Walang iwanan. ♥♥
What's the matter?
Shorty. ♥♡♥
Napagtripan ni Boyfie. <///3 Gwapo de oro. XD @marcos121795
Short hair. ♥♥ Totoo na to. Hahaha
New polo. ♥♥ Crazycrissa
Smile! :)
May makeup si boyfie. XD @marcos121795
Midterm in Pt is dooooone! \m/
Nerdy Selfie
Bestfriends don't judge each other. They judge other people together. Yep, that's us. @renzellyna
With the most handsome guy. Hahahaha @marcos121795
@reidxjames infront of my eyes! Waaaaah! @marcos121795
Shout out 2014! Viral @iamrobidomingo
What time is it? It's Adventure Time! JakeShirt
Somehow I cannot hide who I am though I've tried. Why is my reflection show who I am inside?
Shailene Woodley Makeuptransformation
We're here! @marcos121795
We're here! @marcos121795
Thursdate with @marcos121795 Greenwich OverloadedmealB Bravo 14 39thmonth ♥♥♥
Stay stay stay. I've been loving you for quite sometime time time. No one else will gonna love me when I get mad mad mad. So I think that it's best if we both stay. Happy 39th monthsary babe! :) ily always and forever. :* @marcos121795
NW: 300 Food all the way! :D HingiJanHingiDito MgaNabubuhaySaHingi litsi.
Pink hairbow. ♥♥
Kitang kita kung sino ang anemic. :D
Cooking adobong manok with boyfie. ♥♥
Hi Dwayne Dwayne. Tomorrow is your day. Please don't grow up so fast. Labyu baby Dwayne.
Taba taba. Laki mukha. ♥♥ :"""">