I'm actually a girl XD and I love the Beatles(Eleanor Rigby is awesome)ähm and I'm from a European country but I don't tell you which,yet……
Creative Light And Shadow OpenEdit
Nature On Your Doorstep
Just a quick sketch ... Sketchbook Drawing :)
The Architect - 2015 EyeEm Awards
I broke my little sisters watch ( the white one) and decided to make a new one out of the old clockwork and duckttape 👌😄
I draw when I'm bored and this is one of the ' I'm bored ' pics . Drawing
The Fashionist - 2015 EyeEm Awards a few years ago it was trendy to wear a fuzzy scarf and a phone like on the upper pic but today you get bullied if you do that .
That's something I do when I'm bored 😂
I just drawed what I think is in my head : it's a rose which isn't open yet . I hope you like it and please don't write bad comments because of my bad English or about my drawing . Thank you . Huck
Ok again .... Window stuff.... ( actually was raining ) OpenEdit Windows And Sky Stuff and the other pics are from yesterday
OpenEdit I haven't done anything whith this pic .... Like with the other pic too... I had the idea that I take a pic out of my window every day ( or every second) and I wanna see haw it looks at the place where you live!! And if you do that you can put your pics in the OpenEdit album and Windows And Sky Stuff too thx Huck
OpenEdit I think it looks pretty awesome !! I didn't used any filter, lighting or anything else . I just tooked a pic out of my window ....
OpenEdit it's a pic from the internet which I thought is soooooooo beautiful .... applause to the drawer ;)
Crystal Clear
Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory I really don't know how to call that XD
My synthesizer Black & White
I just turned the pic around ...
It's ( again) a drawing I made i think a year ago .
It's my profile picture which is actually my favorite pic
Ok ähm I made this dress when I was bored so... Yeah hope you like it
It was a cold day. I was taking out the newspaper like every Wednesday but then ...... The sun threw the light on me and .... I tooked a photo and a bunch of selfies XD hope you like it as much as I do ,cause I think it actually looks like a warm and sunny day ( it was cold and rainy and cloudy.... I'm impressed of myself that I got such a good pic on a really bad day). LG Huck
Orange By Motorola
It's a little drawing I made yesterday and I call it " my little world" ...aaand it's a little marble on a finger I hope you like t *~* First Eyeem Photo