19|Everest College Student|Beautiful Ambition|Libra|First Lady DMG|Independent Self Made Boss|Smoke A Lil Weed But My Shit Together
Night Night
Stank Face On Hoes
Ralfs Baee
Remember Smile
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School This Morning #LateUpload
Bossy :) I ❤ My Hair Thoo
Sweating My Ass Off Running Up And Down These Stairs.... My Own Lil Work Out Now Im Finna Do Some Squats And Sit Ups....
I Know Im Not The Baddest Of Them All, But I Love Myself And I Love Who I Am And If You Don't Take A Number And Stand In Line With The Rest Of The Bitches Waiting For Me To Give A Fuck
At First I Was The OneTo Take A Bullet For You ❤, Now Ill Be The One Pulling The Trigga
Me And My Babes :) I Love My Lil Cuzins
I ❤My BestFriend To Deff
Killing This School Shit
I Miss My Hair Like This .
Pour It Up