Vegard Hanssen


The sky is the limit, reaching it will give you a picture of stars.
Bryne by bubble
A dream come
Full moon in
Full moon on
Close encounter
Sunset from
Going for
Room for some
Where is my
Up we go Motion
This is my
Someone coming?
Fish, here I
Who are you?
Eurasian Tree
I walk on water
So happy I cry
Sparrow in the
Chaffinch Bird
Pied wagtail
Spring is
The moon is up
Mandarin Duck
Two swans
Power of Nature
Unclear power
Sun power
Orre gamle
Rain moved the
Tjoratjørna Sky
The last
Nordfrost Rock
Motor of the
Salmon counter
Osen waterfall
Oldest salmon
Lovatnet Beauty
Loen Skylift
View from Loen
The sea is the
Ram fight
Sawn and baby
Sunset Plant
Oil rig at
Fishing by sea
Nesting box
Peace in mind
Jæren Beauty In
No head Animal
Yummy Animal
Vanessa cardui
Towards the
I would hasten
Creation Beauty
Time Church
View over
Beardy goat
Feeding time
Goose Animal
It's feeding
Golden pheasant
No hurry Animal
Autumn next
Sunset from Hå
Angel Angel
Late night
There was a
The sunny side
Peace in Mind
Waves at
Walk the path
View from
Streets of
The quiet place
Tjoatjørn in
Bryne by from
Taken from Lye
The cairn at
OId Barn down
Jæren from the
River Gaula
The sheep lurks
Alvsvåg seen
Two persons
Clarity through
The water
View from
Little lake at
Tea light in a