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Look what I got to TRAIN With!!!! My new polar watch!!!! Weight Training  Weighloss Fit Life
You must accept where you are now, Do NOT Hate your body for where you are but LOVE it for where you are going!! You are on a journey to a new you and if you do not have the right mindset, how can you ever succeed? Love your body, treat it with respect, Nourish it, care for it. Get HEALTHY and your body will thank you! On this journey you will have more benefits than just weightloss. Welcome weightloss but don't forget about the minor changes that make the biggest impact! ----> More energy, more focus, CONFIDENCE, SELF ESTEEM, Zest for life, wanting to help others, and the list goes on. It all starts with LOVING YOURSELF! Anewyoustartshere Weightloss INNUTRA
RePicture Wealth Wealth Lies within the deep passionate love that a mother has for her kids. No greater treasure than the gift of a child!
She lost 7" in 7 days on her Quick7. Awesome Job Brisi! Anewyoustartshere www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere. Weightloss
14.5 inches and 5 lb in 7 days on her Quick7. Awesome Job Courtney! Anewyoustartshere www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere. Weightloss
The EyeEm Breakfast Club Protein Crunch with Vanilla greek yogurt and Dried Cranberries
The EyeEm Breakfast Club Vanilla Almond granola crunch with Almond milk and chunks of banana
For a long time I sat and watched the scale drop ounce by ounce, pound by pound. It was hard when I would see the number rise or stay the same but over the time I learned so much about myself. I radiate beauty from within and the number on the scale didn't play a role. I am a loving, kind, happy woman and he number on the scale didn't play a role. I am a good friend, mother, sister, daughter and once and gain the number on the scale didn't play a role. DO NOT LET THIS NUMBER PLAY A ROLE IN DEFINING WHO YOU ARE. It is great to see progress on the scale BUT don't let it be what determines your worth!!
When life deserves a treat but you dont want to ruin all your hard work by indulging in the kitchen. Protein Pudding !!! FITMAMA Anewyoustartshere
Squats BABY!! Hurts so good! ! Working on buns of steel. Bring on the Muscle
New MEISTER lifting gloves and my AWESOME burpee shirt! ! Lifting Weights Addicted To Gear FITMAMA
YAY! Look what this MAMA just got in the mail. New Mesiter lifting gloves and my Burpee shirt...wooohooo!!! Now just waiting for the new polar watch and chest band to come!!!
Protein Style!!!
Protein style!!!!!
My mom battles with a few illnesses, some that can't be cured; Such as interstitial cystitis. She also struggles with Chronic IBS, severe pain and others. I of course have her on my nutritional plan, but that's not enough to help her with all she faces. For her birthday I invested in a family physician kit. She has been using it topically and internally. She is using it for IBS/constipation, anxiety & panic attacks, back & hip pain. It has been a month and this is her response to how they are working: "They work Excellent, works better than anything I have been on" DO YOU HEAR THAT???? BETTER THAN ANY ORGAN KILLING MEDICATIONS GIVEN BY DOCTORS!!! (You don't need a prescription for PURE EO'S) I won't go a day without my nutritional products or my essential oils!!!! Many blessings!!! (Picture is of my newest product for the kids!!! Takes the fishy taste out of fish oil, this one is perfect for Easton)
I LOVE Leg DAY!!!! Killed an intense workout!! Want the workout?? Follow me here and on FB--> ANEWYOUSTARTSHERE Weights Muscle FITMAMA
Leg Day=Happy Day. Just killed an intense workout. Legs Lifting Weights STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY Fitgirl
Beautiful view for morning coffee
Adding ankle weights to the daily regimen Legs Fit Girl
Just 6.5 months after my THIRD child was born. Muscle Abs #6pack #vcut Determined Fit Girl
Working on more definition ! Muscle Fitlife FITMAMA Strongisthenewsexy
Because eating Healthy deserves a reward Whole wheat banana bread with Chocolate chips
He LOVE watermelon! !
Protein Fiber one Cranberry Almond granola with Greek Vanilla yogurt Preworkout meal FITMAMA Fitness Loseweight LOVEMYJOB ENERGY PUMP Www.FACEBOOK.COM/ANEWYOUSTARTSHERE
Protein FiberOne Cramberry almond granola eith vanikla greek yogurt! Anewyoustartshere FITMAMA Preworkoutmeal Fitlife
Beautiful sight on the family walk
Worsheshire Glazed Chicken with fried onion topping Weightloss Anewyoustartshere Fit Life  FITMAMA
Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive oil Triscuit Fresh, Tomato, Tuna, Feta Cheese. Www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere FIT-M.A.M.A Weightloss Fitlife Absaremadeinthekitchen
Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive oil Triscuit Fresh Tomato Tuna Feta Cheese Www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere Fit -M.A.M.A
Eat Clean Eat To Lose Weightloss FitM.A.M.A
Smoked Brisket and Turkey Sandwich Topped with provolone cheese and tomatoes, served on 15 whole grain bread www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere
Smoked Brisket and Turkey Provolone sandwich topped with tomatoes, served on 15 whole grain bread ‪INNUTRA ‪Anewyoustartshere ‪GetFit ‪Noexcuses ‪‎AREUIN‬ ‪‎LOSEWEIGHT‬ ‪‎LOVEMYJOB‬ ‪‎FREE‬ ‪‎FITNESS‬ ‪‎ENERGY‬ ‪‎LAUNCH‬ ‪‎QUICKSTART‬ ‪‎JUSTDOIT‬ ‪‎REPRESENT‬ ‪‎weightloss‬ ‪‎inchloss‬ ‪‎GETHEALTHY‬ ‪‎FIT‬ ‪‎CHANGETHEWORLD‬ ‪‎TRANSFORMATION‬ ‪‎EATCLEAN‬ ‪‎ABSAREMADEINTHEKITCHEN‬ ‪‎PERSONALCOACHING‬ ‪‎NEWULIFESTYLECOACH‬
Last day to redeem FREE SCULPTING PROTEIN www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere
Someone is excited for school. ..Found this in his bathroom!!
Sad but accomplished day. My baby boy goes to 3rd grade and my princess goes to Kindergarten. Not sure I am ready to let them grow up!!! School snacks packed, Fresh laundry, fresh rooms and fresh bodies. Prepped breakfasts for early mornings, homework area is set up. Lovemylife Tryingtobethebestmom Thisjobishard Illdoanythingforthem
Adding ankle weights to the daily regimen!
Whole wheat pasta, olives, green peppers, shredded carrots, cabbage and celery. Feta cheese and cucumbers all mixed with zesty italian dressing. When serving, top with fresh tomatoes and broccoli..... www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere
Whole Wheat Pasta Shredded carrots, cabbage and celery Olives Cucumbers Feta Cheese Green Peppers All mixed with zesty Italian dressing When serving, top with fresh grape tomatoes and broccoli INNUTRA Anewyoustartshere GetFit Noexcuses AREUIN LOSEWEIGHT LOVEMYJOB FREE FITNESS ENERGY LAUNCH QUICKSTART JUSTDOIT REPRESENT weightloss inchloss GETHEALTHY FIT CHANGETHEWORLD TRANSFORMATION EATCLEAN ABSAREMADEINTHEKITCHEN PERSONALCOACHING NEWULIFESTYLECOACH
Our body is capable to handle almost anything, no matter how hard. The biggest feat is training your mind and creating a fitness plan with attainable goals. There is a fitness goal waiting to be manifested inside each of us. And these goals provide direction, motivation and a way to measure our progress. Each one of us has situations in our day-to-day struggle with wellness, where the journey towards our athletic goals gets stuck. To overcome and reach the goal, it involves climbing out of the ordinary, setting intention and working like crazy to get there. Determine your goals, make a plan and stick to it. No matter how small or grand the goal, an athletic pursuit in one’s life can foster a sense of achievement, allowing the discovery of freeing yourself of limitations, building abilities, and developing a new appreciation for life. This is what Olympians do each and every day, and it is within each of us to discover for ourselves
Pair your carbs with protein or fat. Carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of energy, but when they're eaten by themselves, they get turned into glucose faster than they would if paired with something that is slow digestion, such as a slice of cheese or some oil and vinegar on a salad. Eaten alone, carbohydrates cause a spike in insulin, which is followed by a blood sugar crash that only leaves you hungry for more. Fir Roasted Wheat Thin Crisps Tomatoes Cottage Cheese Anewyoustartshere
Love this snack. Melba Crakcer, Geta cheese tomato!! FITMAMA MOMSGETTINGFIT Fit Life  Weightloss www.facebook.com/ANEWYOUSTARTSHERE
Beautiful Run this am! Fit Life  Weightloss A New You Starts Here
First day of highschool......EEEEKS. Where did the time go?
STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY A New You Starts Here Strong Is Sexy Fit Life  Weightloss
Size 26...after having 3 kids!! That's Me Muscle Fitness Weightloss
44 days after my 80 Day challenge Started Weightloss Fit Life  Muscle Legs
Changing The World
When I can't kick the sugar cravings! !! Nothing works better than a spoonful of good ol peanut butter
Morning snack!! Kids love their Sculpt staches. Recipe: 2scoops Sculpt 1 heaping scoop Nourish 8 ozMilk 4 oz OJ 2 drops on guard oil
Time for Protein and my last carb of the day. Deer back straps with onions served with cheese on a bun! Yummm!!
Workout Gear was due for a vinegar bath
My work situation! Playwhileyouwork
If I can with 3 kids, YOU CAN!!! Enjoying Life Fitness Weightloss
They grow too fast
My baby is growing up!!! Feeding himself :(
Even Easton loves Oils He will sit here and yell until I put some on him!!!
INNUTRA Anewyoustartshere GetFit Noexcuses AREUIN LOSEWEIGHT LOVEMYJOB ENERGY PUMP preworkout POSTWORKOUT revolutionary PUMP muscle strength
Big order of Pump going out!! My stock is about gone!!! INNUTRA Anewyoustartshere GetFit NOEXCUSES AREUIN LOSEWEIGHT LOVEMYJOB ENERGY PUMP preworkout POSTWORKOUT revolutionary
PUMP PreLAUNCH PARTY Tuesday July 22 UTAH Message for Details. Small stock of Pump available at the party. Will be on the market in August sometime ! 435.224.3018
Made it back to grandma's! !!
Pump U UP! The Power of 60 to 1 Are you looking for a healthier all natural organic compound alternative to energy drinks?? It's here, PUMP, to pump you up before your workout, recover your muscle fatigue after your workout and simply provide you with a Euphoric feeling!! 60 servings in 1 bottle (5 sprays = 1 serving) We present a ONE OF A KIND energy product! No one else has this on the market! Simply spray 5 PUMPs into your mouth and enjoy the benefits in seconds Message me for more details, I only have a small stock!! And will be taking pre-orders until it is officially released in the next few weeks! Revolutionary INNUTRA Anewyoustartshere GETFIT NOEXCUSES AREUIN LOSEWEIGHT LOVEMYJOB ENERGY
Oh Goodness. Little grandma's homemade almond joy cookies!!!!!!
Looking to get fit but want an accountability partner, a motivator, a partner? Challenge your spouse to get fit with you!! NOW is the time! Spouse, Co-worker, friend...find someone who wants to find the healthy version of themselves and do this together. Then receive your second month FREE! ! To top it off, also be entered into a 1,000$ drawing!
The time is NOW! Opportunity Rarely knocks twice at your door. Take charge now and learn as you go. --Like our page Www.facebook.com/anewyoustartshere --Like this post and comment I AM IN, then be READY for CHANGE! RESIDUALEARNINGS BONUSPOOLS Quickstart Opportunity NETWORKMARKING LIVEDONTWISH
Colorado Summer Rain storms!
Easton is packed for Grandma's!!
Crafting with my Princess
All things are possible. This is a picture of me at my worst and at my best!!!! I was at my worst after having ONE child. .....and now my best is after having my THIRD child. Do NOT let society predict what you can and cannot do..... Have abs after a third baby, the society would never let you think you can accomplish that....PROVE THEM WRONG Empower others to find their strong! We all need the extra push! I love helping people find the healthy version of themselves. NEED HELP? LET ME KNOW Anewyoustartshere GetFit Noexcuses AREUIN LOSEWEIGHT LOVEMYJOB absaremadeinthekitchen postpartumbody buildmuscle Transformation TRAINING
Training hard....pushing a double jogging stroller during this HIIT workout... 60+ lbs to help me get to the next level!!!!! Www.facebook.com / anewyoustartshere
Just finished HIIT Training and the fam bam picks this up.....really? ?? 3 weeks til Vegas  , No time for high amounts of refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium.....But MMMMMMM smells so good....What torture! ! LOL
He we go!!! HIIT Training Anewyoustartshere INNUTRA
HardWood floor Cleaner!!! Love my DoTerra The options are endless
Look what I received today!! New stock for my DoTerra addiction.... Those who ordered, I will ship it off this week!!!!!
1,624 ‪‎squatstilvegas‬ Completed!!! Traditional Squats and Sumo Squats with 90 lbs, rotating single leg dead lifts and Lunges! Anyone else still hanging in this ‪Challenge with me ?? ‪‎BunsOfSteel‬ ‪GetFit ‪‎noexcuses‬ ‪‎AreUin‬ ‪‎bikinibooty‬ ‪‎anewyoustartshere‬
Homeopathic beats all!! Love my DoTerra medicines. Sure hope my voice doesn't escape tonight
This little TURD is too clever for MY own good! We don't kid proof the house but house proof the kids....Well Easton didn't get the memo. Found him in the corner of all places tearing into a decorative ball and when he knew he was caught he hurried and ripped into it even faster before I took it.. Oh my.....Love this dude MylittleEP EASTONPORTER 10monthsold TOOCUTETOBEMAD
Working on filling up my DoTerra case! Love my EO'S
I am impressed... Found these remedy on pinterest to rid the body of a cough. 1 T Raw honey 1 drop Lemon 1 drop Frankincense 1 drop On Guard 1 drop peppermint I thought it was going to have to get it down but it was actually a delight!
What is your excuse? I just had my THIRD child 10 months ago!!!!!! Metamorphosis Changinglives Butterfly Anewyoustartshere
Love me some avocado!!!
My hubby is the best!!! My phone has been on its last leg for a while with a few days of no phone because it decides when it wants to work...well I just felt bad buying my self a new phone so I dealt with it. Look what i got!!!!!!
Who wants more Swag ? Uturn sample in this round along with a $25 gift card! 1. Go to my page and like it Www.Facebook.com/ANewYouStartsHere 2. Share my page 3. Tag a friend on this post or share this post Anewyoustartshere Weightloss Nongmo natural energy fatburner innutra uturn sharewiththeworld
Thank you Peggy!!
Summertime Grillin
Brandons Protein! Luckyvitaminhaul
Sooo excited.... Living 3 minutes from the lake this is a must have..and because of an INcresible opportunity I was able to buy this outright. If you Dream big enough, all things are possible Workfromhome Dreambig Paycash livelife Innutra livebig youonlyliveonce
Fun baking with the kids
Who woulda thunk I had all these natural curls. Off to WomenOfWine
Before and After Projectvintage Restore
Died my little sisters hair today!!!!
You know you have good friends when you go to visit and see this....LOL Sculpt party!!!