Brittany Tracy


my work explores the emotional & aesthetic repose of physical infrastructure
Black And White Chairs Dryer  Interior Laudromat Noir Washer Window
Black And White Lights String Of Lights Tilt-shift Wood Wooden Beam
Black And White Industrial Noir Roofs Silhouette Smokestack Sunset Towers
Black And White Noir Siding Window
Black And White Doors Noir
Door Light Moss Telephone Pole
Clouds Driving Grass Moody Noir Polaroid Sky Trees
Rain Taillights Windshield
Door Noir Wallpaper
Door Fire Hydrant Shadows Yellow
Blue Brick Color Joy Sky
Dilapidated Gas Station Polaroid Vines
Forest Sky Surreal Woods
Building Green Pink Windows
Birds Lamppost Noir Pavillion
Brick Conceptual Curbstone Doorframe Doorknob Double Exposure Locks Mashup Wires
Black And White Distressed Noir Stairs
Basement Black And White Cinder Block Curtain Haunted Noir Window
Black And White Door Haunted Light Macabre Noir Window
Black And White Circle Conceptual Light Reflection Reflection Tablet
Drainpipe Pipes Red Wall White Window
Black And White Powerlines Roof Rooftop Siding
Black And White Building Damage By Water High-key Window
Blue Bricks Parkbench Teal Wall
Apartment Buildings Colorful Powerlines Windows Yellow
Lines Parking Parking Lot Yellow
Black And White Conceptual Machinery Screws
Black And White Conceptual Light Window
Blue Damage Machinery Rust
Blue Light Nighttime Telephone Pole
Bricks Drainpipe Polaroid Window
Color Polaroid Siding Tower Vents Vintage
Sepia Siding Tower Vent
Blue Brick Red Retro Sky Telephone Wires Vintage
Black And White Conceptual Noir Retro Telephone Pole Telephone Wires
No. 58 Conceptual Pop Art Ordinary Objects
No. 57 Noir Blackandwhite Neighborhood
No. 56 Blackandwhite Conceptual
No. 51 [B] Power Lines Street Light
No. 51 [A] Power Lines Street Light
No. 48 Monochrome Window Surveillance Retro Urbexphotography
No. 46 [Color] Tilt-shift Blackandwhite Urban Train
No. 46 Tilt-shift Blackandwhite Urban Train
No. 45 Conceptual Frame
No. 44 Buildings Tilt-shift Window Blackandwhite
No. 40 Tilt-shift Blur Buildings Polaroid
No. 39 Blackandwhite Street Power Lines Polaroid
No. 38 Still Life Retro Polaroid Free Rural Poverty
No. 37 Blackandwhite Still Life Encounter Urban Poverty
No. 36 Retro Blackandwhite Still Life