Stephany Rodriguez


Today I finally rsalized that no matter what i will be loved. I want to tha k my husband for finally making me realized i am pretty with or without makeup.
I love my princess
I love the shift my husband got me.... i love him so much
I love him so dam much. Miss you babe cant wait to see you soon
Always and forever piece and love in life
Smile because you never know if it's your last
I love spending time with my man
El amor de mi vida
With my baby
Its to great to have a bad day
One smile is all it takes to fall in love
I live this flower
ready for church
And I dyed it black I love it.
In Love
My baby and I
Bored and home alone
Beautiful day
My mother and I loves you mom
Ready for today
look at the new me haha
when someone needs me im there and when I need someone I smile and pretend things are ok
chilling but bored
No makeup
a smile could be anything from your eyes to your lips
My beautiful mother when she turned 15
cute freckles
my beautiful family
playing with mu brother and nephews
waiting for my dad
ready to go to my brothers
ready to do anything