Al Farouk


i love nature
Multi Colored
sunset 2 Tree
Cereal Plant
farm sunset
calm Water Tree
rock by the sea
shore 2 Water
shore Water Low
filipino native
Bamboo - Plant
Water Wave Sea
Water Sea Beach
Water Wave Low
Water Sea Beach
Water Sea
Water Sea Beach
lanao Sultan
rice field
snd lanao norte
sunset 9
sunset 8 Tree
Water Sea
bus travel
Stripes Pattern
Boat Window
Boat Sea Travel
Water Sea Beach
windows by the
window Water
Tree Water Sea
empty bench
seaside Bird
sunrise Water
stripes Smiling
rubber bands
dog and me Dog
nipa hut Nipa
Barges Boats
fog Tree Fog
lake Water Tree
Tree Irrigation
Tea Crop Rice
Water Swimming
trees Tree
sea of clouds
cactus painting
Cereal Plant
numbers Numbers
cry Sorrow
headache Human
pins Buttons
Cacti Cactus
Cactus Cacti
Tree Mountain
Cry Man Crying
interior deco
life begins
mall Giant
Pets Domestic
plate Bird
sea of clouds
mirror Mirror
old kitchen
old switch
old mango tree
bricks Fire
mask Sun Shadow
rock and dry
jars Chinese
ice cream Human
Tree Branch
cats Lazy Cat
cats Meow Cat
Water Full
Water High
waterfalls Tree
Tree Branch
Low Section
Flower Head
Tree Sky Leaf
water falls
Stream Water
rocks Rock -
Rock Rocks Moss
shadow Standing
colors in the
Curfew Martial
Leaf Close-up
Flower Head
trees trees
trees Tree
City Views