Fábio Lau

Jornalista/roteirista/editor Conexao Jornalismo
Fábio Lau
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High angle view of boy sleeping in bed
Rear view of people in lake
Low angle view of people working on building
Side view of a dog with cat on floor
Close-up of hand holding hands
High angle view of dog lying on hardwood floor
Dog standing in water
Portrait of a smiling young woman
Portrait of dog at home
View of a cat lying on floor at home
View of cat on street in city
High angle view of dog sitting on floor
View of a crossing road
Portrait of woman sitting in car
People walking on flowering plants in city
Low section of woman with dog on floor
People on street in city
Close-up of green spider web on plant
Close-up of glass window with reflection
Portrait of cat relaxing on sofa at home
Man holding glass on table by window
Man holding glass on table by window
Low section of woman in swimming pool
Midsection of man using mobile phone at home
Scenic view of sea by buildings against sky
People on boat in sea against mountains
Scenic view of beach against sky during sunset
Low section of woman standing on sand at beach
High angle view of girl holding umbrella on street
Low angle view of rock formation against sky
Close-up of people on table
Cute boy sitting against black background
Low angle view of silhouette mountain against sky
Rear view of shirtless man sitting at sea shore
Dog lying down on street
Full length of woman on footpath by palm trees
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of flower on table
Close-up portrait of young man
Close-up of human hand on bed
People walking on street
Street light by sea against sky
High angle view of serving food in plate
View of city through window
Close-up of fruits in bowl on table
Close-up of human hand
Rear view of people sitting in car
High angle view of a dog toy
Close-up of human eye
People walking on road in city against sky during sunset
Cropped image of person holding bubbles
Silhouette people on mountain against sky during sunset
High angle view of man skateboarding on street in city
People on beach against clear sky during sunset
Rear view of women on beach
Close-up portrait of man
Midsection of woman with hands
Close-up of shirtless man
Close-up of hands
Close-up of camera on metal structure by tree
Low angle view of red flowering plant
Low section of woman wearing shoes
Close-up of wineglass on table
Low section of people standing on tiled floor
High angle view of silhouette man on beach
Shadow of man on beach
Ducks swimming in lake
Close-up of mobile phone on table
Low section of baby feet
Close-up of baby hand on bed
Close-up of a dog sleeping
People crossing road in city
Close-up portrait of baby hand
Sea waves splashing on shore
High angle view of cat sleeping on bed
Low angle view of silhouette palm trees against orange sky
Close-up of baby hand on bed
Close-up portrait of human eye
Reflection of man on car window
Portrait of teenage girl looking away against white background
Close-up of fresh green plants
Close-up of human hand
Close-up of man holding hands
People standing by tree in city
Close-up of potted plant
Full length of man sitting on rock
Close-up portrait of young woman
Close-up of beer glass on table
Cars on road by mountain against sky
Portrait of young woman with dog sitting outdoors
Close-up of man sleeping by window at home
Person holding snow covered mountain against sky
Low angle view of silhouette mountain against sky at night
Silhouette trees by illuminated street against sky at night
Dog looking through window at home
Cat sitting on window
Blurred motion of car on road in city
Blurred motion of vehicles on road in city
Silhouette palm trees on beach against sky at sunset
Cat sitting on bed at home