Fabian Heuser


Fabian. EyeEm Head of PR. Uses EyeEm as a travel guide mostly. Likes even the stuff he hates sometimes. Hates the stuff he llkes sometimes.
A Silent Forest .
Wer noch nie in der Eifel war, weiß auch nicht, was klare Luft ist. Heimat
Looking at Alexanderplatz
Mit Kalorien auf Spatzen schießen. Full English Breakfast Hangover
House with Horse.
Playing Rundlauf on the kitchen table - what would the landlord say...
Ubahn carrying Cobblestone - You don't see that very often!!
Too cold to eat outside. Imbiss
Incredible Street Musician playing Bluegrass . So far the best act at U-Bahnhof Warschauer Straße . You should always have a euro left in your pocket. Firstwetakethestreets
History and present. Berlin Wall Fallofthewall25 Lichtgrenze 99luftballons
Jumping in the Winterwölkchen-Pool Fluffy Clouds Winter Is Coming
Home is where your heart is Industry Rheinland
Parking Urban Geometry
Achtens - ausstellung der ostkreuz schule. Hipster density is mind-blowing.
Beers and Hedgehog. Silicondrinkaboutberlin
Wired Launch-Event. Nice.
Early Access. Wired
Durst ist Liebe. EyeEm Hearts Kotti
EyeEm x Agentur Ostkreuz
Sky. Rocks. Autumn.
Verwirrend kuratiert. Aber trotzdem unterhaltsam, wenn es regnet.
To do Monday: do the dished Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
...gechilltes Meeting. Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
Taking pictures of people taking pictures. Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage Ramen for lunch.
Also time to do some side projects. Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
Sunday started like every day. Coffee at Concierge Coffee . Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
Browsing through the pictures. Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
Fauler Zahn Schönleinstrasse
Spree Stuff. Deutschland. Dein Tag
Enjoying Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage so far - makes my life feel a little boring. ;)
first one in the office Deutschland. Dein Tag Backstage
On my way to the office - question: will the doors be open?? Deutschland. Dein Tag Oberbaumbrücke Backstage
Winnie the Pooh Power-Breakfast. Cereals with honey. Deutschland. Dein Tag
Stray Mood - to me the best Berlin Street Band - quite unfair I made it look as if there was no audience Firstwetakethestreets
On top of Berliner Dom looking at the Berlin - Lustgarten - tourist in my own city
Tourist Day in my own city Berlin
Lieberoser Wüste - basically the German version of White Sands National Monument and an old tank desert.
Lieberoser Wüste - basically the German version of White Sands National Monument and an old tank desert.
street music Firstwetakethestreets
Bestes Fest. Urbanology
Mother dish and her family. EyeEm Hearts Kotti
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit - Nerd Power! Und ich weiß nix...
Short Photo Session for a leading German news magazine. Modelling
The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards - The Awards!!
Wochenende in Siiiicht!! My First Week At EyeEm
My First Beer At Eyeem during My First Week At EyeEm