An eclectic chick capturing the world around me.
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Close-up of purple flowering plants on field
People standing in front of tent
Close-up of flowering plant against orange sky
Close-up of old metal structure
Close-up of water against sky
Close-up of lizard on plant
Close-up of bare tree in forest
Low angle view of bare trees in winter
Close-up of flower tree
Road by autumn trees against clear sky
View of water fountain against trees
Surface level of water
Close-up of water splashing in fountain
Close-up of water fountain
Close-up of yellow flowers blooming in garden
Close-up of red flower
Railroad track against cloudy sky
Close-up of dog
Close-up of illuminated lamp
People in shopping mall
Close-up of plant
City skyline at dusk
Blurred motion of people at night
View of illuminated lights at night
Low angle view of cloudy sky
Illuminated street light at night
Close up of water
Illuminated city at night
Illuminated city at night
Reflection of trees in water
Low angle view of illuminated tree at night
View of river with buildings in background
Illuminated street light at night
Reflection of trees in water
Illuminated lights at night
View of footpath
View of buildings in water
Close-up of water drops on glass
Close-up of illuminated lamp
Close-up of tree against sky
Road passing through landscape
Low angle view of trees against sky
Low angle view of communications tower against cloudy sky
Railroad track at sunset
Low angle view of cloudy sky
View of sea against cloudy sky