Julian Christopher

Moments in time captured by a European Ant
Julian Christopher
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Scenic view of dam on mountain by bridge
Scenic view of lake
Dog standing in lake
High angle view of dog on field
Reflection of man in water against clear sky
Reflection of blue sky in water
Low angle view of bamboo trees in forest
View of trees in forest
Horse standing outdoors
Close-up of horses
Low angle view of illuminated light against sky
Low angle view of overhead cable car against sky
Scenic view of lake against sky
Low angle view of building against sky
Cat looking away
Full frame shot of tiled wall
Low angle view of silhouette trees against sky
Full length of woman standing on grass against sky
Scenic view of calm lake against clear sky
Full frame shot of multi colored wall
Close-up of pink flower
human hand
Low angle view of electricity pylon
Closed window
Close-up of tree stump
Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky
Close-up of bonfire at night
Boats in river
High angle view of boats in water
Low angle view of trees against blue sky
Close-up of food
Scenic view of snow covered mountains
Empty benches in the dark
Houses on mountain against cloudy sky
Leaves growing on tree trunk
Low angle view of tree against blue sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Plants growing on a tree
Scenic view of field against sky
Yellow flowers growing on tree
Scenic view of sea at sunset
Scenic view of mountains