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Work in progress.
To the left... In progress.
Right Now. Acrylic fundations. Painting
Halloween Mood.
Because of White.
Oil again....
Tea Time @ Home.
Light Up Your Life. Home
Feeling the air.
Put Some Bach piano. Take a glass of White Wine. Then, let's reach Your art. Because Art is Everything. Painting
Because of Color.
Preparing Sweets Things for Diner. Wino collection StEmilionGrandCru Instawine Rouge Bordeaux
Be City. 2/3. Acrylique.
Work... In progress. Oil
La Dame. Wine SaintEmilion
No more blueSkies...
Hello Poppy.
Urbanian Series. Oil. Canvas. Sample.
Work in Progress... 🎨
Les Blés du Village. Huile sur Acrylique sur toile. 90x30. Extrait. Oil. Acrylic base. Canvas. Sample. Painting
Cèdre Rouge.
The Keys Master. Artiseverything
Cheese is Life.
Advent is coming soon... Xmastime
Ruine Rouge. Huile sur toile. 100X50. Extrait/Sample. Oil. Canvas. Serie Ponton. 3/3.
Oooh Wait! It's tiiiime! 👍 PéchéMignon ;)
Acrylique. Work inprogress...
Bordeaux. Cheese Raclette. Cheeseislife Wino Instawine Redwine Rouge
L'arme Fatale. 👍
Work inprogress Acrylic
Left part. Sample. Canvas. Oil Painting . Le Bassin aux Nymphéas. Série 'Ponton' 2/3. Huile sur Toile. 90X30.
Le moment Loupiac biensur. Wino collection Blanc Whitewine Instawine Sweetbordeaux
Il est la. Le Safran .
Fragola. Italiana. 🍓
Et puis passer au rouge. Bergerac Wino Rouge Instawine
Avoir du slip. 😋 Wino Whitewine Instawine Winestagram Bergerac
Little SkyLine. Oil Painting
Bergerac. Valeursures Wino Redwine
The Sky is The Limit. Oil
Living Soon.
Hello sweetie! Wino Pessacleognan Redwine Instawine Bordeaux
Right part. Sample. Canvas. Oil Painting . Le Bassin aux Nymphéas. Série 'Ponton' 2/3. Huile sur Toile. 90X30.
Collection Up.
Champagne Time. Taittinger
You absolutely Have to taste the La Clape. Best South of France Wine! ;) Wino
Art Is Everything {You Can See}.
Bordelais de sang. Wino Bordeaux Foiegras Landaise Salade poke @voulezvousdiner
The Big Ones. Chartreuse, Prusse, Cramoisi. Oil
The Gaillac Time. Wino collection Instawine
The Most Beautifull Time of the Year has just begin! 👍 Champagne
Il est la! BeaujolaisNouveauDay 👍🍷🍷 Wino Beaujolaisnouveau
Medoc. Wino Instawine Rouge
Carpe Diem.
Bouzigues. Oysters Lavie Huitres Mediterranean
Chambrer des Merveilles. Wino
Teasing. Xmastime Comingsoon Advent
Retrouver ses bases. Pomerol Wino Redwine Instawine
Cotes de Bourg, naturellement. Wino collection
Go with Beaujo ! BeaujolaisNouveauDay Frenchart
Pause Sucrée... Patisserie
It's Rivesaltes time. ;)
Christmas Time... In progress. Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Xmastime
Beaujolais Nouveau! It's BeaujolaisNouveauDay ! 👍
Hello Sunday. It's Fall!
Stay Local. Locavore Wino Languedoc SudDeFrance Redwine Instawine Winestagram
Mini Rudolph check out my Kitchen! Hohoho Xmastime
Raclette and Beaujolais. Life. BeaujolaisNouveauDay
HoHoHo Berry Up Your Life! Xmastime
Maracuja Yogurt is Life. ☝️
Whatelse ? SaintEmilion Redwine Instawine Winestagram Bordeaux
| First of the Year | Urbanian Series. Quais des Capus. Oil.
HoHoHo !
Coming Soon...
HoHoHo. The xmas village @ home! Xmastime
Urbanian. Oil. Sample. Canvas.
Mignonitude! ;) Chihuahua
| First of the Year | Urbanian Series. Quais des Capus. Oil. (Sample)
Aloha! Chihuahua
Time for a Cotes de Blaye. Bordeaux Wino Instawine Redwine
The Most! Xmastime
Next Step. Acrylic next Work.
Pizza aux Truffes, Burrata, Tomates confites et Roquette... Italia Truffes
| First of the Year | Urbanian Series. Quais des Capus. Oil. (Sample)
Are You talking to meeee? Chihuahua
An apple a Day! ...
Season. Beaujolaisnouveau Wino
Apaches (Potatoes) à l'Estragon. Cooking Color.
To my Christmas House. Xmastime
Onions. Grill. Burger Homemade
HoHoHo ! It's Advent Time! Welcome to our Christmas Home! ✨🎄😁 Nofilter Xmastime @ home