Tohoku University
I found an amazing app ! It seems like she is alive :) Hayley Williams Paramore Drawing Art
I'm at Cafe Soultree. Atmosphere of this cafe is very nice :) Cafe Nice Happy
I went to Blue Bottle Coffee at Kiyosumi in Japan :) I drink au lait. BlueBottle Coffee Coffee Time
Summer will be over, and fall is coming. Beautiful Enjoying Life Leaves Autumn Maple
I drew Hayley Williams again :) Hayley Williams Paramore Beautiful Pencil Drawing Rock Band
Gift for me from my gf :)❤︎ 1yearanniversary PaulSmith Happy Birthday! Rnewbold Nanouniverse
1 year anniversary:) Gift for my girlfriend. 1yearanniversary KateSpade
1 year anniversary :) it was such a wonderful day! 仔虎 1yearanniversary
I have gone to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka:) Beauty Green Nature
I Drew Patrick Stump from Fall out boy Falloutboy  Band Patrickstump Drawing
Bought this CD. Fall Out Boy American Beauty/american Psycho Rock Band
Let the flames begin PaulSmith Beautiful Smellsgood
Necklace made by 4℃ Christmas Love Beautiful Necklace
みなとみらい Enjoying Life Beautiful
Fireworks Having Fun Fun Fireworks
We went to Matsushima :) it was good place except for clowdy weather. Having Fun Beautiful
松島の渡月橋 Beautiful Enjoying Life
Sendai tanabata festival
Tanabata festival
I bought this watch for my gf as birthday present :) Hiromi ,Happy Birthday!! Forever And Always Happy Birthday! Enjoying Life
Mother leaf
Sendai Station.
I love this :)
Balaklava in SA