Abby Torres


I ♥ singing, dancing and music in general! Follow back? Just mention it! Don't worry, I don't bite~ 😘 ⊙ω⊙ (。┰ω┰。)
Flowers Some of the flowers are dying!??
Love my guitar ~♥♡♥~
Good morning!! The sun is sooo bright here in England! (Well, for now it is!) Hope you have a good day today and keep smiling~ ^.~ Ulzzang Pretty Selca  셀카 얼짱 cute girl filipino eyes smile blacknwhite blackandwhite face asian morning kawaii Bai bai~
Using my Dad's beanie! He doesn't know though... :'D Beanie Pretty Selca Selfie cute eyes face smile ulzzang girl nashville newyork comfortable
"Nothing lasts forever..." ♥♡ Quote Photofy Amaro Shanghai pretty beautiful rain window quoteoftheday edits editor photo photooftheday lights blur scenery sad single breakup depressing inspirational sadquote ♡♥